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Touring Bentley Continental Flying Star

Check out the latest eye-candy to come out of the Geneva show: Carrozzeria Touring’s Superleggera’s “The Flying Star.” It’s based on Bentley’s 610-horsepower GTC Speed convertible that showcases some very talented engineering, and shows the automobile as a form of art is far from dead as long as people have the cash to invest in it. The Flying Star’s roof and rear fenders are steel, the widened doors and hatch are aluminum, the trim is handmade, and the oval taillights are a 1950′s throwback. To make this Bentley stand out just that much more, the car rides on 20-inch Borrani X-Ray wheels. Inside, the cargo area is covered in a woven leather carpet that matches the custom luggage, while the new rear seats fold flat to provide a 1,200-liter storage capacity (with the seats up, storage is limited to 400 liters, still enough to fit four golf bags). Only 20 Flying Stars will be built for the base price of around $804,000 for the entry-level model.

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