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Chrysler Registers ‘Cuda Name

All of the classics are coming back. Not just the basic nameplates — yeah, we’ve got a ‘Stang, a Camaro and a Challenger — but some of the legendary variants. The Mustang Boss is back, and the Cobra Jet. So you knew it was just a matter of time. Chrysler has registered the name ‘Cuda. What car will they stamp it on? Well, we don’t know. But our hopes are up, becuase you don’t do a half-assed job of reviving the Barricuda. The original, we should note, was a smaller-wheelbase version of the Challenger, with a Shaker blower bolted onto a 496…and it was a beast. It wore the Plymouth name, which won’t be coming back. But that’s alright. We’d live with a Chrysler ‘Cuda, as long as it came with enough attitude. Cross your fingers.

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