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A Step in the Right Direction — First U.S. Fiat 500′s Are All Manual

Some Italian imports work out well.  Pizza.  Armani.  Monica Belluci.

Others, well, don’t.  Anchovies, for instance, or, to be honest, the early Fiats.

But Fiat’s planned return to the U.S…..well, it’s off to a promising, thin-crust start.

The first set of Fiat 500s headed to the states will, we are told, all carry sticks.  Starting in February, you’ll be able to order Fiat’s little, highly-customizable, tight-handling compact, but only if you know how to work all three pedals.  If you want the wimpy automatic version,  you’ll have to wait until April. 

Fiat plans to open 130 dealerships in the U.S., many based out of existing Chrysler shops, starting in February.  Los Angeles’ Motor Village will be the first.

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