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DUB Magazine Feature: RMD Garage

DUB Magazine Feature: RMD Garage

Ralph Holguin of RMD Group is no stranger to elaborate builds. The CEO and avid automotive enthusiast has been featured in DUB previously with his immaculate ’61 Chevy Impala called “Tiffany and Co.” that he named after one of his daughters. Addicted to the rush customizing can bring, Holguin has once again set out to create another beauty, this time opting for a ’56 Ford F-100 classic pickup truck.

“I think like all men, you fall in love with trucks while growing up,” he says. “My dad had a Ford truck when I was younger, which I vividly remember. Even though this truck isn’t the same year, this build is in homage to him and the many memories I have with him.” Read on at dubmagazine.com.

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