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Industry-Exclusive Feature in Cadillac XTS

Cadillac has added an Industry-Exclusive feature to its XTS that allows drivers to completely reconfigure the layout of the gauge clusters behind the steering wheel. This first all-digital gauge cluster allows drivers to choose from four layouts ranging from simplistic and minimal to ultra-informative. Controlled by an intuitive multi-directional switch on the steering wheel, the 12.3-inch LCD screen replaces traditional analog dials. Each of the four cluster layouts continually displays vehicle speed and fuel information, just like the dials of old. What’s new is the reconfigurable display technology that enabled Cadillac designers to formulate options for both the design and type of information displayed. The result is four distinct clusters that skew to particular styles of luxury sedan drivers. The default cluster design is the “Balanced” display for those who prefer a traditional layout, while the “Performance” one is for enthusiast drivers who want info on the car itself. The “Enhanced” display is for the uber-connected driver, while “Simple” is for those minimalist drivers.

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