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Lamborghini Aventador By Wheelsandmore

Wheelsandmore has dressed up Lamborghini’s Aventador a bit and are calling their creation, the the Bianco. The German tuner has created an upgrade program for the Lamborghini Aventador that includes a performance tweak via a a carbon fiber airbox, remapped ECU and a stainless steel exhaust system with adjustable valves. After the tweaks, the V126.5-liter normally-aspirated engine now develops 777 hp, which is up from the standard 690 hp it already pushes out right from the start. This white Bianco sits on their multi-piece 6Sporz2 forged alloys with white rims and black centers, measuring 20 inches front / 21 inches rear wrapped in Pirelli tires. Exterior changes were limited to only a black stripe running across it from front to rear.

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