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Dude, Buy Me A Speaker? Dodge Crowdsources Car Purchases

Do your friends and family love you enough to buy you a car?

Probably not. Few can easily spare the cash.

But a wheel, maybe? A set of speakers? That, some of them could do. And Dodge has a way.

The automaker has launched an innovative new way to sell cars. Well, small cars, anyway.

DodgeDartRegistry.com works a little like a wedding registry — you pick out what you want so that your friends and family can buy it for you — but instead of candlesticks and a coffee maker, you can register for alloy wheels and smoked headlamps. Users register for a new 2013 Dodge Dart, and pick out the features they want.

Friends and family can then contribute money, kickstarter-style, to buy portions of the car. Users can raise enough to cover the entire car, do most of it themselves but let friends handle certain features, or apply for financing to cover what no one paid for. So the former roommate who mercilessly mocked the crappy speakers in your beater Sentra can buy you a decent set for your next ride.

Will it work? We have no idea. But if it catches on, we’re signing up for KoenigseggCCXRRegistry.com on day one. It’s gong to take our cousins and pick-up game crew a long time, but we can wait.

How it works below:

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