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A Look Inside the McLaren P1

Next month’s Geneva Auto Show is turning into a hypercar showdown. Ferrari will roll out it’s Enzo successor, the F150. And McLaren will finally give us the goods on its limited-run P1 hypercar.

Up until now, we’ve had nothing but body shots on the McLaren. No specs. No interior clues.

Today, however, McLaren favored us with photos of the car’s cockpit for the first time.

It looks like what you’d expect for a race-car-derived, six-figure car destined more for the track than the road. It’s light — with exposed carbon fiber where most cars offer padded surfaces — and it’s grippy, with Alcantara-covered race seats. The P1 won’t completely lack creature comforts, with a center stack that includes HVAC, stereo and gps controls — but that’s about it.

And that seat? It isn’t adjustable, because it’s custom configured for each buyer by McLaren.

The company will build just 500 of the cars, and they’re still holding the technical details back until next month. We expect to hear that it’s powered by a murdered-out version of the 3.8-liter V8 McLaren already builds for its MP4-12C, probably good for around 800 horsepower.

More details after Geneva.

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