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Bentley Teases Next Flying Spur

Good day, sir! The butler has brought interesting news from across the pond this morning. It seems that Bentley have a new Flying Spur, and I’ll be damned if it isn’t bloody well…

Ah, hell, we can’t do the British voice well, anyway.

The middle-range Bentley is a step between the ultra-fast Continental GT and the luxurious but staid Mulsanne. It’s quick but sumptuous. A little sporty, a little dignified. A little of everything — except, of course, cheap. And for 2014, it’s a little more aggressive.

A video Bentley officially released and a series of official-looking photos that were, supposedly, “accidentally” leaked this morning show a more dramatic Flying Spur with new character lines borrowed from the big brother Mulsanne. The new look is more muscular, with added character lines through the doors and a pronounced set of haunches from the rear that make it look ready to pounce. A more upright grille lends it presence, while horizontal taillights will probably count as controversial in a class of cars where little ever changes much.

Inside, a new three-spoke steering wheel is the most noticeable change, which means that not much has changed — but there’s only so much they can do to differentiate one ultra-luxurious cabin from another.

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