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McLaren P1 Performance Specs Are Out – And…Wow

Zero to sixty? Under three seconds. And it gets faster from there.

McLaren is set to reveal the production form of its P1 hypercar in Geneva soon, and today, they finally revealed the performance numbers of the car. In internal testing, McLaren says, the 903-horsepower hybrid does the 0-62 mph (0-100kph) sprint in less than three seconds. Zero to 124 mph (200 kph) comes in less than seven seconds (yes, it gets to 124 faster than most cars get to 60).

Most impressive of all, it reaches 186 mph (300 kph) in just 17 seconds. The marque’s legendary F1 — what most analysts consider to be one of the fastest production cars ever built — did that sprint in 28 seconds.

McLaren didn’t release a top speed for the vehicle, but its acceleration figures place it among the quickest production cars in history, and set a high bar for Ferrari to jump next month when it reveals its own newest creation.

And what does it cost you to go that fast? In the U.S. market, the P1 will be listed at $1,150,000.00 And with a tiny number expected to see actual production, the markup is likely to drive that price significantly higher.

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