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2013 Alfa Romeo 4C – First U.S.-Bound Alfa Is Almost Gorgeous

The Alfa Romeo 4C may be the first Alfa sold in the States in 18 years, and it’s a hell of a comeback move.

The little two-seater, making its first official appearance at the Geneva Motor Show, is unlike anything else for sale in the U.S.

It carries a 1.8-liter, turbocharged inline four in the mid-engine position — official numbers are still behind the curtain, but in other Alfas the same engine puts out 232 hp, and it’s reasonable to think they’ve boosted it for this sportier application. Power runs through an Audi-style dual-clutch transmission, promising shifts faster than an eyeblink.

The chassis is mostly carbon fiber, keeping weight low. Alfa claims 8.8 pounds-per-horsepower.

Alfa is famous for its “DNA selector” adjustable suspension, which normally offers Dynamic, Natural and All-Weather modes. The 4C, however, adds a fourth option — Race. Sounds promising.

And, of course, there’s that gorgeous, curvy body. It makes the tiny car one of the sexiest things we’ve seen on the road in a long time. Except, that is, for the headlights. The model appearing in Geneva carries a bizarre set of bug-eyes that, we can only hope, are a concept-car-only feature. Plain glass for the States, please.

The price of the 4C is, as yet, still a secret — but sources have said Alfa intends the model to compete with the Porsche Cayman, which starts in the mid 50′s.

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