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Chevy Releases Pics of Corvette Convertible

It’s not a Corvette without a drop-top. Even the first ‘Vettes, way back in 1953, were soft-top convertibles. So you knew, when Chevy unveiled the muscular, sexy 2014 Corvette Stingray, that the ragtop edition was on the way.

And here it is, at least in photos.

GM released the first official images of the new Corvette convertible over the weekend. The car will make its first official appearance later this week at the Geneva Motor Show — an interesting move, showing how the Corvette has gone from an American obsession to an international symbol of U.S. engineering prowess.

The C7 makes a gorgeous convertible. The rear decklid appears longer than most past Corvette convertibles. The sheetmetal is also smoother in ragtop form, with the brake-cooling rear vents moved underneath the car to accommodate the roof when it is stowed.

There have been rumors of a less-expensive Coupe version (as opposed to the classic fastback) on the way as well.

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