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The US bans Audi’s A8 Matrix-Beam headlights

Turns out, Audi won’t be offering their matrix-beam headlights in the United States because of a 45-year-old regulation banning road use that goes back to 1968. The benefits of these headlights is that they can can see around corners, illuminating more space without the risk of blinding oncoming cars and will be available in Europe pretty soon. Currently, companies are trying to modify the rule that requires headlights to switch between low and high beam setting, and Audi’s self-adjusting lights eliminate this. Audi’s headlights feature multiple LEDs which basically provide the vehicle with active high beams. Sensors and cameras direct these LEDs to dim or turn off based on what’s in front of the car which creates a changing series of shadows and lights with the purpose of improving visibility.

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