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DUB Magazine Feature: Pauly D

DUB Magazine Feature: Pauly D

It’s another typical weekend in Las Vegas and party goers at Vanity Nightclub inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino are amped up on drinks in anticipation of witnessing one of DJ Pauly D’s notorious sets. The opening DJ closes his set and Pauly D takes his place behind the turntables. Once changing of the DJ guards is done, Pauly D drops his first song and welcomes everyone to the club.

The dance floor is now filled to the max with moving bodies, leaving no space between dancers as the crowd cheers for Pauly D’s set. What results is pure mayhem, as he drops nothing but club bangers that stirs up screams and fist pumps throughout the club.

“I like to do what I call my ‘power set,’ where I keep banging them with hits after hits after hits,” he tells us at the shoot before the night’s gig, or what he considers “the calm before the storm.” “I get some rock in there, some hip-hop, dance and everything else you can think of.” Read on at dubmagazine.com.

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