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Racing Wrap — Dealership Re-Camos McLaren

Every automaker has a camouflage pattern it uses on cars in development, to keep spy photographers from capturing the exact lines of a new car before they’re ready for the magazines.

Usually, though, once the car is for sale, the camo disappears.

But a Connecticut McLaren dealership has resurrected the camo for a car on sale. This MP4-12C on the lot at Miller Motorcars in Greenwich, Ct, has had the camouflage re-applied. It’s now for sale.

The look is actually pretty cool, mostly because McLaren’s camo is nothing like what other automakers use. Not just a random collection of lines meant to confuse the eye, it actually shows maps of many of the world’s most challenging racecourses. This one is a vinyl wrap, over the car’s grey paintjob.

This particular MP4-12C lists at $259,035 — a high price to pay to make heads snap, as people think a prototype is passing them. But it’s undoubtedly the coolest looking MP4 we’ve seen yet.

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