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VL Destino — “Hundreds” Line Up to De-Electrify Fisker Karma

Fisker, despite producing one of the most gorgeous cars we’ve ever seen, is struggling. The company has reportedly laid off much of its workforce, halted production and hired bankruptcy consultants.

But, before going belly-up, it sold and delivered plenty of cars. Sleek Fisker Karma sedans that, owners worry, it can’t support with maintenance and repair now.

What to do, if you’re a Fisker owner? Head to the doctor for a transplant.

In this case, a powerplant transplant. VL Automotive, the venture legendary auto exec, racing driver and fighter pilot Bob Lutz is running these days, is happy to strip the hybrid drivetrain out of your Fisker and replace it with a 556-horsepower V8 (the one from the brutal Cadillac CTS-V, no less) and a six-speed automatic.

VL claims that “hundreds” of Fisker owners have approached the company about the conversion. It’s not cheap — VL charges between $85,000 and $95,000 to convert the Karma (which already ran its owners $120k in many cases). But it does give the Karma new life, and new asphalt-rippling performance.

Fisker’s downfall may even help VL grow — Lutz says his company is in touch with Fisker dealerships, trying to negotiate a deal to buy all the unsold Karmas for a discount.

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