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Honda Builds a 532 Horsepower…Minivan?

A good tuning shop can boost a V6 up a hundred horsepower or so. A very good one can add twice that. Turbochargers. Intercoolers. Free-flowing exhaust. There are many tricks of the trade, and added together, they can make a fairly typical engine into a snarling, asphalt-tearing beast.

Take, for instance, the V6 in the Honda Odyssey minivan. Yes, a minivan.

Why not? It would be fun.

That’s what the engineers at Honda must have thought. Something led them into it.

For the 91st running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb at the end of the month, Honda plans to bring 11 vehicles. Some of them are pretty exciting, like the upcoming, resurrected NSX supercar, and the CBR600RR motorcycle. Then there’s your mom’s car. The Odyssey. With 532 horsepower and an IndyCar driver at the wheel.

Engineers used every trick at their disposal to push the engine of the grocery getter to supercar levels, and put 4-piston Brembos with aluminum calipers in the wheels. Then, they added IndyCar driver Simon Pagenaud behind the wheel — so, you know, not mom.

We have no idea what the record for a minivan in the hill climb might be…but we figure it’s in danger of falling.

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