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DUB Magazine Feature: Sean Kingston

DUB Magazine Feature: Sean Kingston

It’s been a minute since the music world last heard from Sean Kingston, who’s back on the scene with his new summer jam “Beat It” that features his boys Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa, after his near-life altering Jet Ski accident in 2011. Now the Miami, FL-born, Jamaican-raised rapper, singer and songwriter is diving into the scene giving fans new music with the release of his third studio album, Back 2 Life, a title that appropriately fits his current status.

“I’m back making music for my fans after being out for almost two years, which I had no choice in,” the 23-year-old says. “I feel it was the perfect title to reflect how I was able to overcome the hardships from the accident and how I’m back making new music. Plus, I’m going back to my original a roots and culture and doing what I was known for when I first started out in the industry, which was this upbeat, edgy vibe.” Read on at dubmagazine.com.

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