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DUB Magazine Feature: Suzanne Stokes and SouthSide’s ’56 Bel Air Ragtop

DUB Magazine Feature: Suzanne Stokes and SouthSide's '56 Bel Air Ragtop

Southern California’s SouthSide Car Club is considered one of the scene’s best Lowrider clubs, known for their clean, period-correct vehicles that embody a sense of nostalgia. Only allowing 1956-1965 Chevys in the club, all of the club’s cars feature the most sought after and hard-to-find Chevy accessories, which can sometimes make the build difficult and expensive.

But to SouthSide’s car club members, it’s worth the time and money since the outcome is nothing less than beauty on four wheels. For member Chuy, customization has been in his blood since he was 16 years old. Now 43, the veteran builder was actually approached by SouthSide members to join the club after seeing his attention-grabbing vehicles at past car shows. Read on and see more of Suzanne Stokes at dubmagazine.com!

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