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DUB Magazine Feature: Nate Robinson [VIDEO]

DUB Magazine Feature: Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson may not be a giant on the basketball court at 5’9” but his personality and talent more than makes up for it. The Seattle, Washington native was first featured in our pages back in 2007 when he was just 23 years old with his first big NBA purchase – a 2005 Hummer H2. Now 29, the former University of Washington cornerback has long since said goodbye to his football years and has made a reputation in the NBA as being one of the most energetic and hardest working players in the league.

Having learned a lot with the New York Knicks where he first started out, Robinson has since then played on several NBA teams and hasn’t lost one ounce of his energetic spirit, a trait that he considers an asset to his overall game. While his game on the hardwood has remained consistently strong, his car game has gone through the roof, as he cruises around in more luxurious rides – an evolution from his massive Hummer from Issue 50. We caught up with Robinson right before the current NBA season to talk rides, the NBA and more. Read on at dubmagazine.com!

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