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DUB Magazine Feature: RDB LA

DUB Magazine Feature: RDB LA

Nestled on the busy and iconic Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA, RDB LA is one of L.A.’s premier shops, specializing in just about everything customization related – from tricking out high-end rides for the rich and famous to doing simple everyday mods for the average Joe. Regardless of your bank account, co-owner Vik Tchalikian and his crew will treat your car as if it were their own because quality work and superior customer service is what they strive to provide to all their customers.

But their Sunset Blvd. shop is actually their second location, with the first on Pico Blvd in the heart of the City of Angels. While the Pico shop focuses more on heavy collision work, it’s the Sunset location that sees all the action. “Since it’s a pretty busy street, we’re always getting walk-ins,” Vik details. “It’s also in an exclusive neighborhood that has a lot of high-end business types and celebrities, so it’s the perfect location for getting customers with Hondas to getting those with Benzes or Lamborghinis.” Read on at dubmagazine.com!

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