Detroit: 2008 DUB Show Tour

detroit_intro.jpgThe saying “Nothing lasts forever” may hold up for many things, but it doesn’t seem to define DUB’s annual show tour as the 2008 debut definitely set the tone for the rest of the year, which in one word is ROCKING!

The 2008 DUB Show Tour debuted on Sunday, March 29 in the Motor City to the tune of more than 15,000 show goers and hundreds of custom cars covering the floor of Cobo Hall. There was definitely something for everybody—from the American muscle crowd to the exotics—the Detroit stop had it all. 

The DUB Show Tour was jam-packed with rides from all over the Detroit area, and even a few rides from neighboring Canada. Exotics, 4x4s, VIPs and everything in between were scattered across in Cobo Hall providing so much eye candy that you didn’t know where to look first! Alongside all the custom cars were opportunities for fans to meet some of the biggest names in entertainment, and various freebies were around every corner, which made for some long lines, but no one was complaining because it was well worth the wait. The line for the Monster Lounge wrapped around the Monster truck as eager fans waited for free samples and a chance to meet celebrities Rick Thorne and Nick Cannon, along with the stunning Monster calendar girls, who looked just as good as all the cars. 


Funny man Nick Cannon helped get the concert festivities going with his DJ set as Cobo Hall was flooded with fans trying to get a glimpse of the DUB Show Tour concert, which always displays hip-hop’s finest MCs. Detroit’s own Stretch Money, Tone Tone and Trick-Trick got the crowd fired up as newcomer 2 Pistols and fan-favorite Lloyd set the stage on fire. David Banner closed out the show with a mind-blowing performance that whipped the crowd into a frenzy as he dived from the stage into the crowd, giving screaming fans the opportunity to see him up close and personal. After the unforgettable concert, all the performers sat down and took time signing autographs and taking pictures with admiring fans. They even shared in the DUB Show Tour atmosphere as they walked around Cobo Hall to check out all the customized cars and interactive booths.  

Speaking of interactive booths, The MLB Authentic Collection was one of the top attractions at the show, with the pitching and batting cage getting Detroit Tigers fans psyched up for Opening Day. It was literally crowded the entire show as guests kept coming back for more. DJ Steady Rock from the Pepsi booth kept the music going in between performances, and the U.S. Air Force booth was crowded all day with fans waiting to get a shot at the flight simulator, which was better than any video game. There was no shortage of excitement for attendees, and there were still all the custom cars to look at.


The show was full of captivating rides, including the popular Mobsteel booth, with their big-bodied ’60s Lincolns, including a bagged black convertible that made old school admirers drool at the sight. One of the show’s most popular cars was a bright red 1970 Chevy Camaro Z28 with a flawless, chromed-out engine bay and mechanicals. To round out the bunch, Tommy Z Designs had a ton of rides at the show, including a black Chevy Avalanche with custom halo headlights. Alongside Tommy Z was the Kip Ewing Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, with a carbon fiber hood, set for production very soon. 

Along with all the great rides, the show featured a number of local personalities and customs shops that represented Detroit to the fullest. The Ruff Ryders represented the street bike scene and rolled out in full force. 

Special thanks to DUB Show Tour Detroit’s sponsors, including The U.S. Air Force, American Racing, TIS, Dropstars, Bud Light/Budweiser, D20 Wheels, Major League Baseball, Monster Energy, NASCAR, Pirelli Tires, Rockstar Games and Xbox for helping rock out the debut stop of the tour!

The great turnout and excitement in Detroit got the DUB Show Tour into high gear. But this was just the beginning as the debut stop set the bar pretty high for the rest of the tour, but like all previous tours, we expect every stop to be just as banging as Detroit!

Photos : Patrick Daly & Ryan Dobkin

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