Exclusive Motoring has been in business for more than 10 years, customizing cars and trucks for celebrities and athletes, while also catering to local clients. Offering everything from wheels and tires, body kits, interior, audio, collision repair and more, they’re known around Miami, FL as one of the city’s go-to shops if you want a fly ride. When a repeat client came into the shop and asked for his Nissan GT-R to be remixed and taken to new heights, the guys at the shop were more than happy to oblige.
Friday, 13 November 2015 22:42

Bentley GT on 22" Gold LF-744 Lexani Wheels

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Bentley GT on 22" Gold LF-744 Lexani Wheels
Friday, 13 November 2015 22:30

HRE Series S2 Debut

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HRE has long been known for creating some of the most iconic wheel designs of the last decade, iconic enough to make their way into the most popular racing video game series on Xbox – Forza Motorsport. Always innovating, HRE has now added a more extreme look to its bespoke wheel lineup to complement the designs of today’s supercars and hypercars. Enter the Series S2.
Friday, 13 November 2015 22:18

Ford-250 “2DANKK”

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Addison Guerra’s Ford F-250 can never be missed thanks to its mighty 3rd Coast Suspension with Accuair air system that has the ability to lift the truck from 8”-16” with the control of a touch pad. It can be spotted anywhere hovering above the crowd of mediocre vehicles on any highway, parking lot or street - which is exactly what Guerra was going for. With his design process based around the lift (which was installed by B&C Off-Road in Pasadena, TX), Guerra knew that once it was in place, every other modification needed to be in tune, so that they…
Tuesday, 10 November 2015 00:11

SEMA 2015: TIS & Dropstars Wheels

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Recap of some of the SEMA Vehicles that rolled in with TIS and Dropstars wheels.
Thursday, 29 October 2015 01:27

Air Force GT-R

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DUB Magazine Issue 96 Available now! Paul Garcia is a proud member of in the U.S. Air Force and to commemorate his hard work serving our country, he decided to dedicate his time and money to fixing up his dream ride - a Nissan GT-R. “I wanted to be able to provide a positive light and influence to being in the Air Force,” he describes. “I would talk to many young individuals when I would go to car shows and they would ask me how I got the car and I’d tell them I was a proud member of the…
DUB Magazine Issue 96 Available now! Edgar Lopez’s 1971 Chevy Chevelle has been in the family for about 20 years. Although it was always a goal to restore it to its original beauty, it wasn’t realized until last December, when he surprised his father with the final product as a Christmas present.
Tuesday, 13 October 2015 23:12

Nick Cannon puts Muscle in his Hussle

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Speedmaster out of Rialto California custom built Nick Cannon’s 1967 Chevelle with a Blown 496 cubic inch Big Block Chevy engine with an 871 supercharger and fully CNC machined cylinder heads. It features forged 4340 internals and produces 600 horsepower reliably as a turnkey motor. The engine was built by their in house engine assembly department and dyno tested for optimum performance. This engine is part of Speedmaster's constantly evolving crate motor program, engine was delivered turnkey and ready to drop in. This build also includes a Speedmaster fuel system that includes a billet carburettor and high volume billet fuel…
Classic American muscle cars are known for their sharp and aggressive exteriors, nostalgic charms and high-displacement engines that roar to life when you step on the gas. Whether it’s the first generation from the early-’70s to the current 3rd generation model, the Dodge Challenger is one such muscle car that exudes its presence on the road regardless if it’s modified or not. But automotive enthusiast Dylan Coleman’s Challenger is just more than just a regular custom – it’s a beast that goes by the nickname #ProjectHulk for its green exterior and outrageous body cladding that make it worthy of it’s…
Forgiato Wheels usually add a certain type of elegance and style to some of the world’s finest cars – from Italian supercars to German and British beauties. But you would never think twice about adding a set to an off-road vehicle…that is until you feast your eyes on Underground AutoStyling’s white Jeep that’s the first to rock a set of 26” Forgiatos in 37x13.50R26 Mark Ma Dakar M/T III tires. Already a stunner and more-than-able off-road vehicle, the shop’s owner Jake Polubinski set out to do an out-of-the-ordinary build with the help of some eye-catching wheels and tires. “Forgiatos have…
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