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Von Miller: Flip Mode

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Every superhero has two sides to their personality. Batman is a suave millionaire playboy when he’s not fighting crime. Superman is a clumsy, mild mannered reporter when he’s not saving the world. And when Denver Broncos All-Pro Linebacker Von Miller isn’t crushing NFL quarterbacks, you will likely find him wearing one of the many cowboy hats in his extensive collection or helping Denver’s less fortunate youth get eye exams and glasses via his charity. Although Von doesn’t have a secret identity like Batman and Superman do, he does have a name for the two sides of his personality: A-Mode and B-Mode.

A-Mode is the focused, aggressive, and dynamic side of Von you see wreaking havoc on opposing teams every Sunday. This side of him is responsible for his many near-superhuman feats on the football field, from leading the NCAA in sacks at Texas A&M to being a multiple-time NFL Pro-Bowl veteran. Fueled by his A-Mode side, Von became the 2nd overall pick in the 2011 draft, where legendary quarterback and Broncos executive vice-president John Elway declared him a once-in-a-decade talent.

B-Mode is the chill, relaxed, funny side of Von that his friends and family spend time with off the field. Teammates see this side of Von when he’s cracking jokes and lightening the mood in the training room. Reporters get a glimpse of B-Mode whenever he dons a particularly furry hat for some of his post-game interviews. The A and B Modes of Von’s personality are also reflected in his two favorite cars in his collection: his murdered-out, widebody 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS and his futuristic, two-toned metallic grey 2015 BMW i8.

“When I came out for the draft in 2011,” Von recalls, “the Transformers movie was out, and the Camaro was the hottest thing. But I wanted mine to be different, and that’s why I took the route that I did. The vision that I had when I started customizing it was The Batmobile.” With its aggressive stance and menacing looks, the Camaro looks like it drove right out of the pages of the DC superhero’s comic book. Sharp, angular bat-symbols adorn the car in multiple areas - from the front grill to the glove compartment and even on the stitching on the headrests of both front seats expertly done by California Upholstery.

To make his Camaro stand out even more from the crowd, Von centered his build around the TS Designs widebody kit which envelopes a set of gigantic 24” satin black Forgiatos GTR wheels on Pirelli P Zero Nero tires. “I think I can fit my whole family inside those back wheels,” Von jokes. It was then lowered via Eibach’s Pro-Street Coil-Over kit and also fitted with their front and rear sway bars. Four 12” JL Audio speakers powered by a 4,000W amp in a custom enclosure fabricated at the DUB Garage replace the rear seats and help put Von in A-Mode on the way to games, with the right mood music, and later help him relax and go back into B-Mode afterwards. Von’s attention to detail extends to the blue-tinged ORACLE Halo LED lighting that encircles the headlights and foglights to the interior lighting system that adjusts to fit whatever mood he’s in. He finished the exterior transformation off with an ACS Composite TL1 hood insert and a stealthy gloss black finish from Durans Quality Painting in Baldwin Park, CA.

When pressed to name his single favorite thing about the Camaro, it all comes down to the sound and fury of that engine. Already equipped with a potent V8 from the factory, Von chose a Vortech centrifugal supercharger to boost the muscle car’s power to even higher levels. The rumble of the Borla exhaust system coupled with the whine of the supercharger’s belt system creates a primal roar that announces his arrival wherever he goes. “When I’m in my Camaro, it’s definitely A-Mode. It’s super-fast and super-loud. There ain’t no sneaking around in that thing.”

But it’s no fun if you have to be in A-Mode 100% of the time. When it’s time to relax and decompress, Von hits the B-Mode button to his personality and drives his 2015 BMW i8. Not wanting to abandon speed and power completely, Von chose a ride that can be the most civilized, fuel-efficient and environmentally conscious car on the road one minute, and a true cutting-edge, high-tech performance vehicle the next. Or as Von puts it, “I like it because you can look very, very sexy driving the car and at the same time, you’re saving the earth.” Choosing the i8 was no spur-of-the-moment decision for him. In 2011, at the same time he was garnering Defensive Rookie of the Year honors and making his first major purchase with the Camaro, he had his eye on the futuristic BMW that was at the time only a concept car he had seen on the show car circuit. But he knew that if and when it ever went on sale to the public, he would get one.

Ultimately, Von loves how different his Camaro and i8 are from each other, and how perfectly each car fits the different aspects of his personality. “The Camaro is supercharged, high-performance and crazy and the i8 is quiet, sleek and smooth. They’re like left and right. There really is no middle.” As fall approaches and the NFL season begins, Von starts flipping that switch once again from off-season to on, and goes back into A-Mode to become the boogeyman to opposing quarterbacks just as Batman is to the criminals of Gotham City. But when asked about what’s next in terms of both what he plans to do with his cars and what he plans to do in his NFL career, Von simply smiles and says, “The best is yet to come.”

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We catch up with Andy from The DUB Garage to check on the progress of TEAM TWO's RAV4. Watch how a completely custom perforated mesh can give the vehicle a rugged street style.

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Check out the progress of TEAM ONE's RAV4 as we catch up with Sonny Digital and he recaps his plans to create a mobile producer studio.

Forgiato Wheels usually add a certain type of elegance and style to some of the world’s finest cars – from Italian supercars to German and British beauties. But you would never think twice about adding a set to an off-road vehicle…that is until you feast your eyes on Underground AutoStyling’s white Jeep that’s the first to rock a set of 26” Forgiatos in 37x13.50R26 Mark Ma Dakar M/T III tires.

Already a stunner and more-than-able off-road vehicle, the shop’s owner Jake Polubinski set out to do an out-of-the-ordinary build with the help of some eye-catching wheels and tires. “Forgiatos have graced Jeeps before, but they’ve always been done using regular street tires,” he says. “As soon as 37” mud tires were available, I jumped at the chance to be the first to use that wheel and tire combination. It’s probably one of the most hated and loved Jeeps on the planet.”

His Jeep definitely grabs your attention thanks to its clean, all-white exterior and matching interior, but off-road purists can’t get past the Forgiato wheels – something they see useless for a vehicle that’s meant to play in the dirt. “Even though the Jeep sports custom-painted 26x14” Forgiato Azioni wheels, I still take it out riding,” he confesses, adding that it’s not only used as a promo ride for the shop, but also his daily driver. “We even added an extra touch with the floating “F” center caps that add to its wow factor.”

Polubinski unveiled it at The Classic car show in Orlando, FL, where it took home “Best of Show” and beat out about a thousand other rides for the title. “There were vehicles with way more mods than the Jeep and it still won the event’s top prize,” he says proudly. “Every show it goes to it wins something. We even took it out riding on the beach to show that it not only looks good, but can handle its own, too. Ever since then it’s been killing the scene, with the word ‘clean’ always used to describe it.”

Even though a set of Forgiatos may make the Jeep look less rugged, Jake made sure that it still had all the upgrades to make it look and act like an off-road machine, including the powder coated white 5” Rough Country suspension with Fox Racing shocks, Bestop front and rear bumpers and Xenon fenders. “I like the clean look more,” he says. “I think it’s more difficult to customize a white vehicle since you can make it too white. You need to have the right mixture of black and white so that everything just stands out. Even if you did an all black ride with white accents, the white will stand out a lot more than black. I usually do all of the shop’s demo cars white.” Although he hasn’t given it a specific nickname, he has heard people refer to it as “Florida Snow,” “Siesta Key Edition” (which is the whitest beach in the world that just so happens to be located in Florida) and his personal favorite “White Girl.”

Being the first on the trend did have its challenges, and Polubinski and the shop had some problems with how wide the wheels were, so they had to modify the bumpers precisely to accommodate more clearance. “The factory fenders had to be replaced with custom fenders that were wider for the wheels so that they didn’t look like they were sticking out too far. In all, it really gave it an aggressive look that ended up being clean and just how we wanted it.” Other highlights of the Jeep include a custom MMats Pro Audio stereo system, which includes all marine-grade equipment, and vinyl seats just in case he gets rained on with the top off in unpredictable Florida weather. And now everyone is hopping on the trend, with many of his clients requesting the same wheel and tire combo for their own Jeeps. And rumor has it that he even beat the owner of Forgiato to the punch, who was building a similar Jeep at the same time.

As his daily driver, Polubinski made sure that the Jeep sees it’s fair share of fun and doesn’t mind wheeling on the 26s on rough terrain, including dirt, sand and mud, but won’t dare do any rock crawling. “I can just clean the wheels after rolling through the other terrain, but I’m not crazy and wouldn’t push it on rocks because of the damage it can cause. But it would definitely be able to handle them!”

Wheels & Tires
26” Forgiato Azioni Wheels with custom white and black accents
37x13.50R26 Mark Ma Dakar M/T III tires

Rough Country 5” suspension lift kit with Fox Racing coil-over shocks

Bestop front and rear bumpers
Xenon fenders

50” Race Sport combo LED light bar
Race Sport LED fog and headlight

Custom matte vinyl seats
Custom-painted roll cage trim

MMats Pro Audio hifi 6150
(4) MMats Pro Audio 6s
(4) MMats Pro Audio tweeters
12” MMats Pro Audio Juggernaut subs

If you’re a fan of reality TV then you’re already familiar with VH1’s hit show “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” But for those not familiar with hip-hop’s next “it” girl, consider this feature an introduction because you’re about to hear more from the bold and talented Hazel-E in the near future.

The first season of the West Coast spin off of the popular New York Series was partly due in part to Hazel-E, a celebrity publicist-turned-rapper, who had the right connections to help bring the show to Tinseltown. She pitched the show to pop singer Teairra Mari (who was on the original “Love & Hip Hop”), and while she was helping put the cast together, she decided to include herself in the credits. “Originally, I wasn’t going to be on the show, but thought, ‘Why not take the opportunity?’ she explains, “Why would I build it and not be a part of it…the rest is history and now we’re on Season 2 of the show.”

Hazel-E is all about making her own opportunities, which is what she attributes to her current success. With music in her blood, she decided to put aside her musical aspirations while she rose to the top in the PR industry and became the go-to girl for the hottest parties and events, as well as built the careers of some of the biggest celebrities like Gnarles Barkley (aka Cee Lo Green) and Ne-Yo. “It actually worked to my advantage a little bit because I then got to work behind the scenes of hip-hop before I jumped into it,” she explains. But after she conquered that goal, she felt it was time to pursue a music career after British actor Idris Elba, aka DJ Driis overseas, produced her first mixtape “Shoe Fetish” in 2009. “I threw a Halloween party for him and he asked me what I wanted to do and I told him music. He took me on and led off with my first single “Valley Girl” with Meagan Good and her sister and that launched Hazel-E’s music career.”

She was then signed to Swisha House Records and dubbed the official “Pop Princess” of their camp and went back to her hometown of Houston, where she learned the hip-hop ropes, honing in on her craft and getting used to owning the stage at various gigs and performances in the city. “That year was my artist development training,” she says, “it’s a time when I got everything about being an artist under my belt.”

As for her artistry, Hazel-E isn’t trying to be the next Beyonce or Nicki Minaj and is instead trying to create a name for herself as a “hip-pop” artist. “I loved what Fergie did when she did ‘Fergalicious’ and what Gwen Stefani has been doing, but also still love the work of females artists like Lil Kim, who paved the way for everyone else,” she describes. “I'm more about pop rapping. I’m not a chick from the hood and didn’t grow up in the streets, so I developed my own sound with ‘Valley Girl,’ poppin’ my collar and creating stuntin’ music.”

Back in February, she released a music video for her song “Everything,” which received 3.2 million views in 48 hours on Grammy Sunday. “The audience is definitely paying attention,” she adds. She’ll also release more music as Season 2 of her show progresses, cumulating to a huge musical reveal by the end of season’s finale.

“This season, you’ll see that I got my stuff together,” she describes. “Season 1 was rocky and you’re going to see me boss up. I went from moving out of the house, to a studio loft on Sunset and then a huge house in the Hollywood Hills. I also upgraded rides and people are just taking me seriously in the music game now after three mixtapes. You’ll also see me as a businesswoman and will have everything ‘Hazel-E’ coming out this season. I’m just getting with my movement; not going to stop and just keep on going.”

That ride she refers to is a sweet Porsche Panamera Sport she eventually chose over the Maserati Ghibli which she was driving at the time of the shoot, Hazel-E was torn between the Panamera and Maserati, but eventually went with the Sport after she was inspired by YG’s song “Who Do You Love” that referred back to his red Panamera. “I loved the Maserati and had a huge debate whether I should keep it or not,” she says. “I liked how it went really fast and those Asanti rims were epic. But in the end, I thought it was too sporty for me, which is why I went with the Panamera. But it’s hot and would be a great accessory.”

As for her Panamera, it has all the bells and whistles and is a “bossy car for an upcoming star.” She’s already added her Hazel-E style to it with a “Frozen Grey” wrap, tinted windows and some “cute”gloss black powder coated rims - all done by done by Ezie Wraps in North Hollywood, CA. “I tricked it out so that it’s more Hazel, so it’s distinct when I drive it in the streets!” She also had her calipers custom-painted “Bubble Gum Pink” and add her name on them, in addition to opting for a bedazzled shift knob inside. Although she loves her Panamera, the dream car she’d love to floss around Los Angeles is a new Bugatti, but admits that her next big purchase will probably be a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.

But given her hustler mentality, Hazel-E will continue to work hard to afford that Bugatti someday. “Anytime I set goals I achieve them,” she confidently admits. “I forecasted that I’d be the target of paparazzi, and now I have TMZ following me around almost every day. My goals manifest in my mind and then I put them into motion to make them happen. After Season 2 of the show, doors will open even further for me and I’m ready to see what this industry is going to let me take. And if it doesn’t, I’m going to take it anyways.”

IG: @hazelebaby
Twitter: @hazelebaby
No matter how high you want your truck to be, Bulletproof Suspensions can make it happen. As a recognized leader in the industry, they’ve been manufacturing and installing quality suspension systems since 2000 and live and breathe all things off-road. Every year, they bring out sky-high customs complete with all the fixings to SEMA, and for last year’s show, they unveiled a unique spectacle that had visitors scratching their heads wondering what kind of truck it was.
Classic American muscle cars are known for their sharp and aggressive exteriors, nostalgic charms and high-displacement engines that roar to life when you step on the gas. Whether it’s the first generation from the early-’70s to the current 3rd generation model, the Dodge Challenger is one such muscle car that exudes its presence on the road regardless if it’s modified or not. But automotive enthusiast Dylan Coleman’s Challenger is just more than just a regular custom – it’s a beast that goes by the nickname #ProjectHulk for its green exterior and outrageous body cladding that make it worthy of it’s Marvel superhero moniker.
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WTW Customs (@wtc_customs) knows how to make a classic look as good as the day it rolled off the assembly line. Feast your eyes on this pretty in pink 1971 Chevy Impala rolling on some Savini Forged SV42 wheels in a chrome with pink accents finish! Other mods include: a 434 Chevy Stroker Motor 400 Turbo transmission, all-pink leather and suede custom interior; and an Outrageous Miami Pink paint job with custom airbrushed checkerboard and flames.
Wednesday, 09 September 2015 21:36

F80 BMW M3 on 2Crave Mach Euros

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The F80 BMW M3 in the new Yas Marina Blue color.
This specific M3 was one of the first we saw, relative to its generation, to have already had extensive work done to it in part due to the diligent efforts of its owner, Victor Wu. His drive and passion for his BMW lead to a successful build that not only allows him to continually add on to the car but impress many as well as he still deems his car a "work in progress." His M3 is mounted with 2Crave's Mach Euro Concave wheels, the ME. 5 in hypersilver / machined face is mounted using a staggered fitment of 19x8.5 (front) and 19x10 (rear).

Other mods:
- Vollkommen Design USA F8x Rear Diffuser
- AeroFlow Dynamics Front Splitter
- AeroFlow Dynamics V1 Side Splitter
- AeroFlow Dynamics Rear Side Splitter
- KW Suspension F8x V3 Coilovers
- Evolution Racewerks Downpipe
- Toyo Tires T1S 255/30/20 285/30/20
- ForgeStar F14 Super Deep Concave 20x9 20x11
- BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Splitter
- BMW M Performance Front lip
- BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler
- BMW M Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grilles
- BMW M Performance Gloss Black Side Markers
- BMW M Performance Wheel
- BMW M Performance DCT Lever/Trim
- BMW M Performance Alcantara E-Brake
- iND Painted Reflectors
- iND Painted Trunk Badge
- iND Painted Engine Cover
- iPE Exhaust
- Arma Speed Carbon Fiber Intake System
- BavSound Speakers
- Burger Tuning S55 JB4
This Saturday, LFTDxLVLD and Monster Energy are rolling out to Bakersfield for the “Monsters & Tacos” Truck / Jeep Meet at 4Wheel Parts Bakersfield! Free entrance, Free Monsters, Free raffles, and Free Tacos for the first 100 guest!

Address: 3001 Auto Mall Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93313
Time: 8am - Noon
Cost: FREE

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DeAndre Jordan X The Datum Line: Toyota RAV4

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DUB Magazine and Toyota have teamed up with DeAndre Jordan and The Datum Line to create a customized RAV4 for the 2015 RAV4 Design-Collab-Project. Check out the build process below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5
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2015 Prior Design Widebody Nissan GT-R PD750

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The Nissan R35 GT-R has earned itself a reputation as one of the most potent sports cars of our time, as well as the nickname “Godzilla” after the mythical Japanese movie monster.

Now, PRIOR-DESIGN, specialist in aerodynamic body kits and conversions for premium segment cars, adds even more aggression to the fastest Nissan’s visage with its ‘PD750WB’ wide body conversion.

The GT-R in its present incarnation has been around since December 2007, with Nissan slowly taking its performance envelope to greater heights with each passing year. PRIOR-DESIGN gave considerable thought to their wide body conversion to ensure that it would take the car to the next level.

The PD750-body kit consists of a new front bumper with large intakes for uprated intercoolers and brakes, a front lip spoiler, side skirts, and a three-piece rear underbody diffuser with vertical fins that channel departing airflow cleanly from the rear to reduce drag.

An eight-piece wheel arch extension kit is available to add even more menace to this Japanese monster, and all these aerodynamic components are made from high quality carbon-fibre. The cost of the complete kit is 9,900 Euro.

To bring the cars performance in line with its more aggressive looks, an engine upgrade was developed for the 3.8-liter V6 engine, which increases power to 720hp, with 820Nm of torque.

The PRIOR-DESIGN-steel sport exhaust with a pair of 200-cell free-flow catalytic converters has a flap control, which when fully open, emits a bloodcurdling Godzilla style roar!

While the GT-R benefits from a four-wheel-drive system out of the box, a KW Variant 3 coil-over suspension system with variable ride height as well as bounce and rebound control helps the car deploy its extra power effectively.

PRIOR-DESIGN PD alloy wheels 10.5 and 13.0x21-inches at the front and rear provide enormous mechanical grip, and look terrific thanks to a choice of colours visual accents.

More information and prices from:

Robert-Bosch-Straße 11
D-47475 Kamp-Lintfort
Tel: +49 (0) 28 42/97 57 00
Fax: +49 (0) 28 42/97 57 010
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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