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The Phantom King

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When Nokturnal Car Club needed a standout entry for the full-size domestic car show category, Francisco Alecio knew he needed to step up to the plate for his car club brethren. “As soon as the topic of how we were lacking in that class came up, deep inside, I knew I wanted to stand out with the club and help bring that trophy to us,” Alecio explains. “So without saying a word, the next day my Charger was taken to the shop began its transformation.”

Alecio didn’t hold anything back with his project, explaining that he wanted what no other car in the category featured or anything that other car club members feared to add to their show-worthy rides. “I wanted to do more than just stand out; I wanted something difficult to duplicate and didn’t want anything off the shelves – everything had to be one-off.” At the time, Alecio’s Dodge Charger wasn’t much of a trophy vehicle - just slammed to the ground and sitting on 22s.  But after joining Nokturnal, Alecio was schooled in all things custom and knew exactly what he needed to transform his Charger into the “Phantom King” – a nickname that was given because of its Phantom front-end conversion and the fact that everyone was calling it “the king” of car shows.

Originally, Alecio thought his Charger’s transformation would only take a few months, but as the completion date grew closer, Alecio kept calling up the latest shop where his car was being worked on to request another addition for them to complete. “Every shop that had the car kept it for a minimum of two months because of the stuff I kept thinking of.” Due to the attention to detail and all the intricate changes and modifications, the build took a little over two years to complete.

Although the shops considered Alecio a “pain in the ass” for all his additions, the end result was something they all could be proud of. “It came out like nothing I had planned,” he confirms. “It’s 10 times better, and I thank the shops every time I can. What helped me sleep at night was that no matter what I was getting done, I knew I had the best shops in the game doing it. Whether it was audio, suspension or paint, I knew I had nothing to really worry about in the end.”

When the car was revealed at the 2014 Monster Energy DUB Show in Los Angeles back in March, the response from show-goers was “unreal,” he mentions. “The detail of work was just blowing people away, myself included.” The positive reactions at the show were due to its eye-catching paint and extreme modifications, while still retaining the luxurious style Alecio sought out to accomplish – the most challenging aspect of the build. “I knew I wanted to do a lot on the Charger, but didn’t want it to look too busy or tacky.” That was accomplished by the vehicle’s color scheme and selection of staggered 30x8.5 front and 30x11.5 rear custom-built Forgiato wheels that were recommended to Alecio by Forgiato’s owner. “When I saw them, I fell in love with the design and the finish was amazing.” But going with such a big wheel wasn’t an easy fitment, which made Alecio want to do it even more. “I kept hearing, ’30s staggered on a car? Impossible…’ so I was like, ‘Watch me do it.’” He was able to tuck them in after widening the rear by 5” and the front 2.5”, which provided the extra room it needed to accommodate wheels that usually belong on a truck.

As for the car’s color scheme, Alecio spent a lot of time pondering the perfect color combination, as well as an overall theme for his Charger and ended up going with a Day of the Dead theme mixed with Lowrider-style patterns that were airbrushed by DSG Graphics. But before the murals were airbrushed, HPM Customs dressed it with Grabber Blue paint with Candy Blue Pearl accents.

But of all the modifications, it’s the interior that Alecio favors most. Since Alecio wanted to do what no other has done before, he decided to have the entire interior laced in fiberglass, including the seats – which had many wondering just how comfortable that was.  “I usually tell them, ‘I don’t really know because I’m too happy smiling and looking at people’s reactions to the car that I don’t have time to feel if they are comfortable or not. I love the car and everything with it. If I had to sit on spikes, I’d still drive this car.”

Luckily for Alecio, his Charger-turned-“Phantom King” is a show-only ride. “Yes, it’s on a trailer most of the time,” he admits. “I hate when they use the word ‘trailer queen,’ but I know the people who use it haven’t built what I have. When you spend that much money and put in that much time and effort into a car, you don’t want anything to mess it up.” So far, the ride has been too many cruise nights, car meets and numerous car shows in Southern California, as well as various car-related events in Texas. It’s also taken home countless first place trophies at car shows, a few being “Best Paint,” “Best Interior,” “Best Theme,” and, of course, “Best of Show.”

Alecio plans to continue trekking to events to show off his “Phantom King” Charger before he starts to plan his next project car, which will for sure be even more radical than his game-changing Charger.


WHEELS : FORGIATO custom-built 30X8.5 FRONT 30X11.5 REAR
TIRES:  LIONHART 255/25R30 FRONT  275/35R30 REAR

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BMW i8 By AC Schnitzer

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AC Schnitzer takes on the BMW i8. The tuning program features a ton of upgrades for the suspension, rolling stock, aero kit, and interior. Check out all the details including a video and full press release after the jump.

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Lexus RC 350 F Sport on Savini Wheels

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The Lexus RC 350 F Sport is a luxury coupe with sleek and sporty aesthetics that adds upon the regular RC 350. This smooth operator is an conspicuous import that combines a stylish exterior with ample horsepower, providing drivers with a luxury ride wherever they go. To improve on its aggressive design, a set of Black di Forza BM13 wheels in a brushed red finish were added.

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VIDEO: Widebody Mercedes S-Coupe

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Check out this killer wide body Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe on Forgiato Wheels from Ghost Motorsports.
Kenny Hauk isn’t one to live off of old accolades. Instead the master fabricator and his Hauk Designs team are always looking toward the future and thinking of new ways of push the limits on their project vehicle. “The thrill for me is in the build, so as soon as I’m done with one, I’m already thinking about the next one,” he admits. His previous Project Phóinīx was an award-winning, trail-devouring vehicle that took the off-roading industry by storm, but now the renowned mastermind is back with an entirely new Jeep that’s even more bold and brazen than ever.

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Video: DUB Show New York 2015

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The 2015 DUB Show at the New York Auto Show was a huge success with some of the biggest turn-outs and best custom rides we've ever seen in NYC. Check out this fantastic video recap of the show from ACI Dynamix and videographer Everett Freeman.
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Project Hope

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Most builds showcase a shop’s ability or depict a builder’s dream ride. But then there are those that not only make you stop and stare, but feel connected to the builder’s story. Tom Buchanan’s Project Hope is one such vehicle. As his first real project car, Tom stopped at nothing to finish this Jeep in honor of his late father, who recently passed away this past December fighting Stage 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer.

This BMW 2-Series boasts a slew of modifications that make it unlike any other 228i on the road. It features a Dinmann full carbon fiber aero package, Seibon carbon fiber hood and some M Performance carbon fiber interior pieces to match its exterior. For a proper stance, a set of Black di Forza BM9 wheels in a brushed bronze finish were added. 19x8.5 up front and 19x9.5 in the rear wrapped in Toyo Proxes 4s tires. 225/35R19 up front and 255/30R19 in the rear. Other performance parts include a Rolloface Performance big brake upgrade kit 8-piston front, 6-piston rear 380mm rotors all around, Rolloface charge pipe, Evolution Racewerks intercooler, Injen cold air intake system, Hexon Racing Development Stage 1 turbo upgrade, Burger tuning JB4 Stage 2 tune and an AR Design catless downpipe. via
(April 16, 2015) Santa Monica, CA – A pink wrapped Tesla Model is in California dubbed #BreastCar is raising money for Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s innovative programs focused on the cause and prevention of breast cancer. The brainchild behind #BreastCar, Woodland Hills-based OB/GYN Dr. Ian Taras, will be making appearances throughout Southern California now through the end of June. To really make the Model S stand out, Taras reached out to T Sportline, The World’s First Tesla Tuner to supply its exterior Carbon Fiber Sports Package and a set of model TST wheels in a matte black finish to contrast against the matte pink wrap installed by Protective Film Solutions. Al & Eds Autosound in West Hollywood, California’s most renowned Tesla accessory center provided special interior accessories to add the final touch to BreastCar.
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Kahn Design Range Rover Sport 400-LE

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Kahn Design latest tuning package for the Range Rover Sport 400-LE features redesigned front and rear bumpers, matching front grille with 3D mesh and carbon fiber floating insert, custom stainless crosshair exhaust system with a carbon fiber diffuser and interior trim whith the same carbon fiber treatment. Lightweight custom wheels, gold painted brake calipers and low profile tires finish off the exterior. Inside, the seats, dashboard, glovebox, door tops and armrests, steering wheel and instrument cluster are covered in quilted and perforated black leather.
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Detroit Auto Show 2015

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