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"Ballistic" BJ Baldwin

Written by Kristie Bertucci | Photos by John Pangilinan / Action Shots by Bryan Moore.

BJ BaldwinFor off-road enthusiasts, unpaved roads provide an exciting adventure filled with dirt roads, twists and turns, sand dunes and so much more. It’s a chance to test the limits of their 4x4 vehicles, as well as run free on the open road. Now imagine the thrill of it all, yet only 100 times better…


AKA Eurosport

Written by D. Real | Photos by Araik Yegiazaryan.

AKA EurosportBrothers Karen and Artur Aleksanian established Southern California-based AKA Eurosport back in 1999 and have been tuning show stopping cars ever since! With more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, the shop strives to churn out phenomenal results by applying their unique perspective on design and performance with every vehicle that enters their facility.


Air Ride Basics

Written by / Photos by Dick DeLoach.

Air Ride BasicsOne attribute that defines a true custom ride is its pavement-hugging stance; there’s nothing like a dropped Escalade, slammed 300C or laid Lexus to turn heads. In the old days, people lowered their cars by heating and/or cutting the springs; fine for cruising, but they couldn’t be raised again and it ruined the ride. That’s when adjustable suspension options started to make their appearance.


MC Customs

Written by Sean Tucker | Photos by William Stern.

MC Customs“When you do good work, people talk about you.” That’s how Jhulio Tadeo explains it. And if you want to understand how to succeed in the custom car industry, Tadeo is your man.



Written by Kristie Bertucci | Photos by Jason Rene.

T-PainIt’s always fun to revisit some of our favorite artists, and T-Pain is definitely one of them! Not only is he fun to hang with, but he’s always down to talk shop, so we were excited to see what the Nappy Boy Entertainment CEO added to his fleet of rides since we last touched base with him for his cover feature in Issue 66 back in 2010.


Five Axis x Pioneer Lexus CT 200h

Written by DUB MAgazine | Photos Courtesy of RCH Designs.

Five Axis x Pioneer Lexus CT 200hFor the past 10 years, Five Axis and Pioneer have been creating exceptional show cars that are game changers. The relationship first started with the DJ xB that featured a plethora of Pioneer’s DJ and audio products, and that later spawned numerous collaborations, with many concepts built especially for CES shows.

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