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Then, there’s a new television show, “The Don Juan Show.” “I’ll be doing sketches and interviews at award shows and events with different celebrities, like at the Utah Sundance Film Festival,” he says. “I’m also working on a documentary.”

For those looking for the ultimate access to information about Archbishop Don “Magic” Juan, his Web site www.thebishop.us contains enough of his brand of flavor to satisfy anyone.

Bishop Don “Magic” Juan

With TV, movies, and fashion lining the Bishop’s already overflowing plate, it is almost amazing that he still has the time and effort to continue one of the traditions that helped make him famous in the first place, The Players’ Ball. A concept used in videos by musical artists the likes of Jay-Z and Outkast, the Bishop hosts this annual event in early December, promising anyone who thinks that “they’ve seen it all” to find out that “they really haven’t.” Celebrity pals of the Bishop, including Snoop Dogg and Diddy, make it out to celebrate just being young, fly, and flashy.

Even though the Bishop may have retired his pimp hat, he most certainly has not hung up the keys to his pimped-out 2001 Cadillac DeVille, which was the work of The Minister Seamore New Magic Touch Body Shop in Chicago. As the Bishop is quick to point out, “The paint makes the car, man. That custom green, it’s the only car with that color in the world; I was gonna try to trademark it.” As quick as he is to describe his whip’s brilliant finish, the Bishop makes no bones about believing that his ride is a “classic through and through.” The DeVille’s custom paintjob is candy apple green and metallic gold, both sprinkled with gold flakes, while exterior accents and stripes on the DeVille were the exclusive work of Jake “the Striper.”

With its customized “Bishop,” 20-inch Oasis Cris Style SP spinners and Michelin Pilot Sport 255/35R20 tires (which the Bishop jokingly referred to as, “What the kids all got—the low flat ones”), it would seem that the phrase “updated classic” would be slightly more appropriate.

Inside, the Bishop is just as enigmatic and enthusiastic. There are wood grain accents on the doors, dashboard and armrests and the custom seats are done up in green and gold piping. He loves the flossy look of “those pinstripes and all that up in the interior. It’s real clean in there with that solid leather armrest.” While he may not be too concerned with the makes and models of his aftermarket gear, there is no doubt in his mind, or on anyone’s who sees his incredible whip, that it is, in the words of the Bishop, “One of a kind.”

One of a kind seems like quite the fitting description for the owner of that über-unique vehicle as well. From acting to preaching, the Archbishop Don “Magic” Juan has made quite an impression upon whatever field he chooses to conquer. With his innate flair for the dramatic and down-to-earth sensibility, it comes as no surprise that he is popular among superstars and fans, alike.

Photos: Greg B.

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