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Jason EllisOnce pro skateboarding’s bad boy, Jason Ellis has turned over a new leaf as a radio show host, professional MMA athlete and an amateur boxer—and that’s not even including his other stints as a surfer, rocker, motocross racer, actor and potential professional truck racer, as well has a husband and father. However, there’s one thing Jason will forever be…badass! His I-don’t-give-a-f*ck attitude has stayed with him throughout the years, which could be one reason why his radio show, The Jason Ellis Show, on Fraction 28 (a Sirius Satellite Radio Station, XM 52) has quickly become one of the top-rated shows on Sirius in only its two years on air.

At 37, Jason has retired from his skateboarding days and is looking to conquer mass media in hopes to be even bigger than Howard Stern. “I know for a fact that I will be the biggest person in radio from now until years to come,” Jason says confidently. “There will be nobody in radio better than me. Yeah, even Howard Stern. I don’t want to rip off Stern; he started this stuff and I respect him for it. At the end of the day, the only reason I took this job ’cause I knew Howard Stern existed, and he made me want to be in radio.” While Stern might have given him the inspiration to hit the airwaves, it was his friend and fellow pro skateboarder, Tony Hawk, who really introduced him to one of his many callings, when he asked Jason to co-host his own Sirius show.

Jason Ellis

“I thought I’d get into [radio] when I was old and ugly ’cause I know I can talk your face off but at the same time have no problem shutting the f*ck up,” Jason says in his Aussie accent (he was born in Melbourne, Australia, but later moved to the U.S. to be a pro skateboarder when he was 17). “Tony was like, ‘It’s satellite radio and you can say f*ck and’ all those great words, and I was, like, ‘That’s cool ‘cause I say f*ck all the time.’ So then I was on the radio telling everybody to f*ck off and they all thought it was funny, which is when Sirius offered me a job to host my own show. In my skateboard career, I was good, but I was also really good at falling off, so I knew it was only a matter of time before I was completely broken and couldn’t keep up with anybody else.”

Jason quickly nestled into his new gig and realized that not only was he able to do anything he wanted, but he also was able to connect to fans in more ways than he was able to as a skateboarder. “The more I did it, the more I found that I was good at it. Then I started to have some fans and a connection to those who listened and really cared about the show and what I had to say and how it would help their day…that’s when I became completely consumed. I don’t see it as a job anymore—it’s something I have to do. Besides having kids, it’s the best thing I can do for the world. I truly feel that I’m making the world a better place and that’s why I’m so committed to it.” Fans can catch Jason’s show weekdays from 3-7 p.m. Eastern time, where he talks about anything and everything!

Jason Ellis

“I’ve done a lot of stuff, seen a lot of stuff and have a lot of stories, good and bad, and, I don’t hide behind or edit any of them,” he says about a reason why his fans enjoy his show so much. “I always tell it like it is. I don’t bullsh*t. Nobody pays me to say a damn thing; I say whatever the f*ck I want, and I think people can get behind that. I’m desperate to amuse people and love to entertain and am very motivated to do that. I feel that I’m naturally the most gifted person who has ever been in radio.”

Before Jason became the “the most gifted person” in radio though, he was the daredevil of professional skateboarding. He actually set the world record for the biggest drop onto a 70-foot skateboard ramp. While a popular name in skateboarding in the early-to mid-’90s, Jason admits to have always been “the dangerous guy who drank and got hurt too much.” He calls his role in skateboarding history as “the court jester of skateboarding,” and has retired from the sport. “I’m pretty much washed up,” he says. However, he still tries to get on the mega ramp and does Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom HuckJam every year.

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