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Building the perfect custom vehicle is no easy task. Walking that line between performance and looks is something most custom car builders simply can’t manage as usually one aspect impacts the other. However, on very rare occasions, the perfect automotive recipe can be cooked up, and when it does the end result could be confidently crowned as automotive mastery.

East Oakland’s own, Shaun from Hewitt High Performance has undoubtedly created such a masterpiece as each aspect of his 1970 Chevelle has been carefully crafted to be at the top of the game in both form and function. With a supercharged, 1000-horsepower LSx under the hood, Shaun has been slaying the Bay Area streets for almost a decade. And as the HOONIGAN video below displays, Shaun’s prowess behind the wheel is top notch.

Rarely does a vehicle that performs at such a high level have the aesthetics to match. Again, this particular heavy Chevy seems to be an outlier as it not only can win on the drag strip but also at the car shows, too. With it’s tri-tone paint, custom interior and high-end audio system, this Chevelle is a game-changer. The icing on the cake is the rolling gear as Shaun selected a set of wheels that truly embodies the spirit of this American muscle car. He opted for a set of shoes from Forgiato’s Formula Racing Series, particularly the F-Affilato with brushed faces and gloss black lips. These unique wheels provide the strength, looks and lightweight performance needed to stunt on the California streets!