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2022 G82 BMW M4 from TJ Hunt

Armed with a 2022 G82 BMW M4 and an authentic OEM GT3 body kit from the factory, TJ Hunt embarked on a remarkable journey to craft a genuinely one-of-a-kind M4 GT3 street machine. This ambitious project undoubtedly ranks among his most challenging endeavors. Over the last six months, millions of enthusiasts tuned in to witness TJ and his skilled team navigate an arduous and meticulous fabrication process.

The entire transformation process, thoroughly documented across 13 captivating videos, unfolded on TJ’s immensely popular YouTube channel. The upcoming SEMA event will serve as the grand public unveiling of this fully realized GT3 masterpiece.

The G82 BMW M4 Competition Coupe, a distinctive car in its own right, boasts all-wheel drive capabilities, a robust 3.0-liter I6 engine generating an impressive 510 hp and 650 ft-lbs of torque. Adorned in the rare British Racing Green paint scheme with a striking Kylami Orange interior, it already commands attention. However, the M4 underwent a substantial transformation to accommodate an astounding $125,000 OEM body kit sourced from the BMW factory, originally intended for the GT3 Cup car platform.

Countless hours of meticulous fabrication, extensive trial and error, and the meticulous relocation of all components and cutting-edge technology that initially made the M4 an exceptional vehicle fresh from the factory are now laid bare for all to see in the Meguiar’s booth at SEMA 2023.