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Photos: DUB Staff

Here is your chance to own a one of a kind Art car EV.

Not only does it have a work of art on the outside it has some insane technology crammed inside.

Designed and hand built in England using knowledge and componentry from parent company NextEV’s Formula E racing program, the NIO EP9 is an all carbon fiber, all wheel drive, all electric supercar with 1,360 hp and a scalding fast Nürburgring lap record to its name.

This one of just 16 planned, has been creatively transformed by Ornamental Conifer, aka Nicolai Sclater. The British, L.A. based artist is known for his bold, heavily graphic portfolio incorporating elements of iconic vintage motorsports visuals, graffiti, and traditional hand painted signs.

The car is constructed entirely of carbon fiber with a chassis influenced by contemporary Le Mans prototype design, the EP9 has the capability to generate an unheard-of 3G of cornering force thanks to 2.7 tons of downforce at 150 mph. When fully equipped, the top speed is 194 mph, and 0-60 mph takes about 2.5 seconds.

The EP9’s looks are designed around aerodynamics, not only does it look good, it’s all for function. For example the floating aero panels stemming from the car’s front fenders. These funnel air towards side scoops that provide vital cooling air for electrical components. A massive air channel runs down the center of the car, and this works with an active three-position rear wing to help achieve the car’s headline 3G cornering figure.

There are four screens – one in the steering wheel, another on the structural dashboard, one central, and another ahead of the passenger. The first two provide driver-centric info such as speed and vehicle telemetry, the center screen displays performance and lap data, and the right side unit allows passengers to watch their heart rate rise with speed and lateral G load. The interior is built in to the form on the chassis for an awesome look and feel. This particular EP9 has been run at multiple racetracks throughout China, including Shanghai and Beijing International Circuits, as well as in Sepang, Malaysia, and Bruntingthorpe, England. You could be the lucky owner of the sweet ride if you have the winning bid. Good Luck
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