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The annual LA Auto Show is almost here! The highly anticipated show starts November 17th and continues through the 25th, with this year’s event introducing an unprecedented experience for attendees. For the first time, a diverse roster of automotive brands will empower visitors to directly compare electric vehicle performance, comfort and features by getting behind the wheel. Set against the expansive backdrop of the show’s 1M sqft venue, visitors can experience top-tier models from leading automakers through street drives and specialized indoor tracks. The 116th LA Auto Show® ensures a unique, pressure-free environment for attendees to gain firsthand insights and make well-informed vehicle choices.

Embark on a glimpse into the future of automotive technology right on the streets of Los Angeles! This year’s Los Angeles Auto Show takes you on an electrifying journey, placing you behind the wheel for an array of thrilling ride-and-drive experiences. At the heart of the event is Electric Avenue, an expansive, emission-free vehicle test track that winds its way around the entire South Hall of the LA Convention Center, covering nearly a mile in distance. In an exciting debut initiative supported by LADWP and Volta, both experienced electric vehicle enthusiasts and curious first-time shoppers are invited to take control of a variety of cutting-edge EV options. The electric vehicle fleet is continuously charged and ready for action thanks to the dedicated Volta charging stations.

Explore an impressive roster showcasing automotive giants such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Kia, Lucid, Polestar, Porsche, and Volvo. But for those seeking a change of pace, the LA Auto Show adds an electrifying twist to the mix: Verge Motorcycles unveils its cutting-edge electric two-wheeler, inviting eligible enthusiasts to experience the thrill with a spin down Electric Avenue. 

You can purchase tickets online at  laautoshow.com/tickets.