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2024 CES Car Tech Recap

Last week’s CES show proved that the future of car tech is moving faster than ever! New tech is making our rides become smartphones on wheels, keeping us connected to our digital lives and more. This year’s CES show had a few new concept vehicles unveiled, and here’s a quick recap of what was shown.

Honda Rethinks The Future of EVs

At CES 2004, Honda revealed the 0 Series Saloon and Space-hub – two EVs that glimpse Honda’s overarching design principles and electric vehicle (EV) philosophy. Honda is setting its sights on the upcoming era of slender and lighter battery packs to energize its streamlined, low-profile, and stylish Saloon. This model, closely resembling a production version, is committed to embodying the brand’s cherished ‘joy of driving’ spirit. Details regarding range and performance remain undisclosed, given that these models are likely still in the conceptual stage. However, both the Saloon and the spacious, lounge-like Space-Hub are expected to incorporate advanced driver-assist systems, substantial autonomous driving features, and, optimistically, state-of-the-art infotainment. This is made possible through Honda’s strong collaboration with Sony.

BMW Unveils AR Driving 

BMW had demos of an Xreal Air 2-based augmented reality experience aboard a BMW iX. Nothing is set in stone about bringing this tech to life, but it seems cool. Basically, with the Xreal Air 2 glasses, BMW can project essential driver information onto the actual surroundings beyond the windshield. They are strobing 3D green arrows illuminate upcoming turns, while prominent red blocks warn when the driver perilously approaches static objects.

Presently, the system operates via a smartphone connected to the car. However, the developers aim to transition the entire experience to a wireless setup, enabling compatibility with various brands of augmented reality glasses for a seamless and user-friendly experience for prospective customers.


Mercedes-Benz Turns EVs Into Musical Instruments 

With the expertise of Will.i.am and a team of skilled developers, the Mercedes-Benz MBUX Sound Drive app dissects your beloved tracks. It leverages vehicle data, including steering inputs, acceleration, and braking, to craft captivating remixes in a dynamic, live-performance style.


Harmen Merges Car Seats With Audio


Named SeatSonic, Harman’s revolutionary audio system prioritizes the passenger’s listening experience, suggesting a departure from existing interior design limitations, according to a Harman executive. By incorporating near-field transducers into the headrests and a proprietary bass unit in the lumbar region, the system aims to provide a deeply resonant bass experience. While the sound quality is impressive, the initial setup, featuring speakers exclusively in the seats, may lack vibrancy and proximity. To address this, Harman plans to introduce supplementary tweeters beneath the windscreen for a more dynamic audio experience.

Mobion Concept Car

Hyundai Mobis, a subsidiary of automotive powerhouse Hyundai, presented a vision of a parking future without challenges. Showcasing the Mobion concept car, essentially a stylish Hyundai Ioniq 5, it introduces the company’s In-Wheel motor technology and the forthcoming e-Corner drive system. All four wheels are driven in this setup and capable of independent steering. With motors integrated into the wheels, traditional axles become obsolete, allowing each corner to operate autonomously—within reasonable limits.

Every aspect is monitored by Lidar, radar, and high-definition cameras, enabling the execution of most maneuvers autonomously. Furthermore, external projection lighting enables the car to project safety information in its vicinity while performing its impressive feats, likely intended to prevent pedestrians from becoming overly alarmed.

Mullen EV

California-based electric vehicle manufacturer Mullen has unveiled what could be one of the most aggressive and incredibly fast electric SUVs to date. The performance specifications are staggering, with 1,000bhp, a 0-60mph acceleration in under two seconds, and a top speed exceeding 200mph. In addition to its incredible performance, Mullen claims the SUV will feature a two-speed transmission, an 800V electrical architecture for faster charging, and a range of over 300 miles in real-world conditions. The vehicle comes standard with race-derived Brembo braking components, bucket seats, and a notably aggressive stance. Being a modern electric vehicle, the Five RS also boasts a dual-screen infotainment system, reportedly equipped with a built-in voice assistant. It’s expected to be available in Europe by 2025, with a US version in 2027. The starting price is said to be $295,000.