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Alpine x Rebel Ocean Edition Jeep Wrangler

Combining two brands’ expertise into one, Alpine and Rebel Off Road are joining forces to offer one-of-a-kind custom Jeep® builds for the audio and adventure enthusiast. Representing the very best of what both brands have to offer, the Alpine Rebel Off Road Edition Jeep® is the pinnacle of sound and performance.
Beach or Bust! Ocean was designed to make every day feel like a seaside adventure from sound waves to beach waves. A 10 speaker 1200-watt High-Resolution sound system comes tuned for the unique interior environment of the Jeep®.  A completely restyled dash features a High-Definition 9” touchscreen display made for Jeep®. Experience a new spectrum of color and sound with the PrismaLink Subwoofer Enclosures with LED RBGW trim lights.

Take your next adventure to the beach and beyond! Expertly engineered with the highest-quality build materials, Ocean was intentionally designed for performance. Proprietary suspension unique to the build assures you get to and from your next adventure and every detour. Specially designed by a dedicated team of adventure enthusiasts, Ocean has everything you need.

The Jeep is available for purchase and can be customized to fit your lifestyle. And if you already own a Jeep, they offer vehicle customization packages that fall within the Alpine Rebel Off Road Edition specifications.

Alpine Rebel Off Road Edition Ocean Jeep