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CAR CLUB: Delta Drifters

My Resto-Rod is a complete restoration, with a new 350 c.i. ZZ4 Chevy motor, new Turbo 350 auto. trans., aluminum drive shaft, 9 in. positraction differential with a 3.02 ratio, TCI frame

Mustang front suspension, power steering, 4 wheel disc brakes

Now with custom black paint, the original all-steel sheet metal body parts (radiator cowling, hood, cab body, doors, fenders, & running boards) have been straightened, smoothed, & fitted to their original showroom appearance. They contain no fiberglass, aluminum, or bondo

A/C & heater by Vintage Air, & upholstery done by Renee at Brentwood Upholstery, Brentwood, CA. I fabricated the dashboard, center console, & wood in the truck bed myself

I bought this truck 53 years ago in 1967 from a farm worker in Oakley, CA. I saw it sitting in front of a house so I stopped, knocked on the front door, & asked about it. He said it didn’t run but he would sell it, so I offered $50.00 & he sold it to me.

It had a big plywood box in the bed for hauling stuff, & a Studebaker V8 motor. I towed it home, pulled the motor out, & installed a 283 Chevy engine with a Turbo 350 auto. trans.

It has always lived in my garage, while being driven occasionally around town. Earlier this year, I drove it 30 minutes south to Antioch, CA with my car club (Delta Drifters) for a Cars & Coffee at the Starbucks on Lone Tree Way.

I partially refurbished it in 1969-70 & painted it blue. Then in June, 2015 I began a complete restoration, which was completed in September, 2016. At its first show the following month, it won Best Truck at the Bass Festival in Rio Vista, CA.

Other awards it has won in the 7 car shows it has entered:
1st in Custom Rod Pickup, 2018 Autorama, Sacramento, CA;
Staff Pick & Award of Excellence at the 2017 28th Annual Good Guys Autumn Get-Together, Pleasanton, CA;
Best of Show at the 2019 Hog August Bites, Rio Vista, CA