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CAR CLUB: Nokturnal Henderson

302c.i. punched to 310 aluminum heads edelbrock intake and carb, comp big mutha thumper cam, lots of detail, 300 shot of nitrous

15×4,15×8 American racing torque thrust, black and satin finish

BF goodrich

Rear ended is nine inch with 4:11 gears, and a locker unit, cal tracks bars. front is converted to a straight axle setup, four wheel disc brakes

Bumpers and trim are painted body color,hood has a dodge 440 six pac scoop molded on,bumper bolts filled in,trunk lock removed

All black interior,mustang bucket seats,full auto meter gauges,four point roll bar,nascar fire suppression system,stereo system isBoss 2 twelve inch subs,two 6x9s,two sixes in doors,5000 watt amp,all custom built by me.

Undercarriage is body color,has wheelie bars,a parachute,silver leaf designs down the sides,trunk and hood,car is street legal,car runs straight headers,with no pipes or mufflers. this car was built by my 75 year old father and myself, so it’s very special to me. Also this is one of the first Hot rods in NOKTURNAL.