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With the fifth generation Camaro having been on the streets since 2009 (as a 2010 model), recently owners have went to great lengths to make their ride stand out amongst the custom competition. PC Customizing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has always been known for taking every build to the limit and this shimmering Chevy is no exception.

In the past, when new-body Camaros were fitted with 30-inch wheels, they looked more like some type of two-door SUV than a sports car as they required quite a sizable lift to accommodate the massive rolling gear. However, simply lifting a Camaro these days won’t cut it. With that in mind, this colorful Camaro was equipped with a full air-ride suspension system to tightly tuck those distinctive wheels under the widened fenders.

On top of the paint, stance and body modifications, what ultimately takes this marvelous ‘Maro to the next level is its set of 30-inch Forgiato Indierto-B wheels. The unique design and subtle finish provides an excellent contrast to the vehicle’s paint scheme and somehow makes the car complete.

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