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Chrysler Halcyon Concept

Chrysler may be known for its minivans and economical vehicles, but the automaker is looking to up the game on their reputation with their latest Halcyon concept battery EV. The Halcyon stands as a technological proving ground for Chrysler’s future endeavors. Its meticulously crafted body showcases a sleek fastback roofline and suicide rear doors without a B-pillar, leading to an expansive, minimalist interior. A central spine extends along the roof, featuring two upward-opening glass winglets, creating an open and spacious atmosphere. The dashboard adopts a minimalist approach, hosting a sizable central touchscreen and a rectangular steering wheel. Flexibility is incorporated with rear seats that can be folded flat to expand cargo space. Chrysler envisions advanced features such as wireless charging, level 4 autonomous driving capabilities, and technology that automatically adjusts the cabin climate based on the day’s weather.