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Motorcycles, like cars and trucks, are blank canvases for enthusiasts seeking an ultimate, one-of-a-kind ride. Jeff Wright knows this to be true given he specializes in creating one-off motorcycles at his Church of Choppers customization shop in Des Moines, Iowa. While we were all in the depths of COVID in 2020, Jeff picked up an Indian FTR1200S motorcycle from their factory in Spirit Lake, Iowa, and used that free time when the country was in lockdown to get to work on his very own masterpiece.
“Because of uncertain times, I wanted to make a statement with my hands rather than my wallet,” he admits. “I went to work on a plan and immediately took the bike apart and started cutting.” Since the bike was going to be just for his enjoyment, he chopped off the frame and installed a new subframe and shock mounts. Countless nights were spent building the new swingarm to resemble the stock swingarm, but upside down.
Jeff also cleaned up all the bike’s wiring, hand-formed the fiberglass body pieces, welded up a new gas tank, shaved all the tabs, and lowered the bars. Because he wanted to unveil his creation at the Moto One Show in Portland, Oregon, in late April, Jeff made sure to finish the paint scheme, seat modifications, and finishing touches no matter how long he needed to stay up at night to get it all done. “People loved it, and now it’s time to ride it…”

Specs & Sources
Suspension: Ohlins
Rear Sets: Gilles
Seat: Rich Philips
Paint by: Jeff Wright and Dana Harrison
IG: @chvrch

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