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Japan is known for stirring the proverbial pot when it comes to the norms of custom car culture. They’ve proven time and time again they’re not scared to take customization to extremes that most Americans never would dare. This bold atmosphere quite often produces vehicles that merge design cues from various custom car genres and usually, the result is a refreshing twist.
This Dodge Charger is a perfect example of such a blend. The most obvious, prime attraction is the lowrider-style paintwork. From the silver leaf graphics to the candy paint, this candy Charger embraces the lowrider scene to the fullest while embracing it’s modern platform. Not to mention, the airbrushed mural on the trunk is icing on the cake for such a customization.

With such a wild exterior, the wheel choice needed to be something that was attractive but not overpowering. The owner ultimately went with a set of all-chrome, staggered, 24-inch Forgiato Finestro wheels from Forgiato Japan. The chrome wheels accent the wild paint scheme perfectly and creates the ideal visual impact.