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CUSTUNING Will Unveil New Tesla Model Y Customization Kit At 2023 SEMA Auto Show

CUSTUNING, a Taiwan-based company, has been on a mission to create modification kits for electric vehicles. Their debut product, the CUSTUNING Model 3 full-car modification kit, first hit the market in late 2022. That kit included things like a full aerodynamics body kit, a fully adjustable coilover suspension/air suspension with an inverted fork, 6-piston brake calipers with 380mm floating discs, monoblock forged aluminum wheels, and a suspension reinforcement kit.

Now, for the 2023 SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas, the company is showcasing their fully customized CUSTUNING Model Y. Under the creative direction of CUSTUNING’s Design Lead, Chung Tai, the CUSTUNING Model Y body kit features six key components: a front trunk lid, a front bumper with a spoiler, side skirts, a rear lower diffuser, and a rear wing. Crafted from high-quality polypropylene material that meets Tesla’s factory standards, the CUSTUNING Model Y body kit boasts outstanding fitment and durability. Inside the featured Tesla, you’ll find custom leather upholstery on all seats, the center console, and the steering wheel.

When it comes to improving the braking system, CUSTUNING has introduced a cutting-edge monoblock forged brake setup. Unlike the 6-piston system you’ll find on the CUSTUNING Model 3, the Model Y takes it up a notch with a larger monoblock forged 8-piston brake caliper expertly paired with 400mm floating high-carbon steel discs. Shifting our focus to the suspension, it showcases CUSTUNING’s air suspension equipped with the advanced PRAZIS air management system. To keep things rolling smoothly, the vehicle sports 21-inch CUSTUNING forged monoblock wheels. Furthermore, the chassis enhancements include a comprehensive range of reinforcement components. This encompasses a 36mm front sway bar, a 28mm rear sway bar, front adjustable camber control arms, an aluminum alloy rear adjustable toe control kit, an aluminum alloy rear adjustable camber control kit, aluminum alloy trailing arms, and aluminum alloy rear upper front arms.