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Jamie Orr is an international globetrotter. He’s built a career around cars and has traveled the world as a professional car builder, driver, parts hunter, logistics manager and journalist. Born in, Paisley, Scotland, and educated in southern England, he now resides in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA and if you are following him now on the IG you will see Jamie helping the frontline troops in Ukraine. Jamie’s true passion is for cars that are a little bit different. Foreign market, rare, hard-to-find… really anything that makes them unique and special, not to mention the thrill of the hunt and then the logistical work that comes after the find. Jamie has built a passion for some of the world’s most international car brands, which has taken him all over the world, looking for both the builds and the people and stories behind them.

Jamie’s self-described mission is ‘Traveling the world looking for cars, parts, and adventures’. This has taken him to five continents and dozens of countries, including all 48 lower states in the USA (and Alaska, to the Arctic Ocean), South Africa, Brazil, China, Japan, and almost every country in Europe–Lichtenstein and Norway remain elusive, but he did get a car from Greenland.

Because of his passion for cars, Delinte Tires collaborated with him on this unique VW Atlas Harlequin. He was also enlisted to help test drive a few of their models. “I may have tested Delinte tires more than anyone else on the planet,” he jokes about his work with them.

According to Orr, he has driven over three continents, more than 15 countries, and over 30,000 miles on the Delinte D7 and the Delinte DS8 tires.  “On the D7, I drove all across Europe, including driving on the German Autobahn and the Nurburgring Nordschleife on the Delinte D7. I also drove Pan South America literally from Cartagena, Colombia, the entire way across the continent, crossing the Andes and going to Tierra de Fuego at the bottom of Argentina. I also traveled multiple times across the USA, from snow in Colorado to racetracks in California, dry lake beds in Nevada, and rain in my home state of Pennsylvania. Delinte Tires tires have never let me down, and I can’t wait [to drive] for many more miles to come.”


The DS8 is an all-season ultra-high-performance tire designed for dominating traction when it comes to laying down the power. Be like Orr and get the most out of your performance vehicle by ensuring that all your horsepower is translated to where it matters the most, the asphalt.


Staggered fitments and three levels of traction. Big block tread pattern maximizes contact with the road when you have a wide-open throttle, down the line or cutting turns. The wide-cutting main grooves evacuate water effectively at high speeds and angled slots move the elements out of the tire tread, giving you a better rubber-to-road connection. Delinte believes that horsepower and tuned suspension are only maximized with the right tires.







Delinte 2022 Jamie Orr – VW Atlas Harlequin

Presented by @fcpeuro

Wheels : @rotiform

Suspension : @thesuspensionsource

Filters : @hengstfiltration

Fluids : @liquimoly.usa.canada

Interior : @blackforestindustries

Tires : @delintetires









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