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Japan’s largest oil company and supplier of motor oil and transmission fluids to most Asian vehicle manufacturers will feature a trio of Frankenstein cars at SEMA 2023. This year’s booth will again highlight the company’s activities and allow visitors to discover the most advanced ENEOS products, such as the new 0W-8 motor oil for the latest hybrid vehicles. Display vehicles throughout the show will capture the essence of ENEOS and showcase many of the company’s products, including its Racing Series Motor Oils and more. 


Stealing the spotlight within the ENEOS exhibit is a 1969 Jaguar XKE 2+2. In commemorating 75 years of the manufacturer’s sports car legacy, this specimen has undergone a remarkable transformation, embracing a modified version of the Toyota 2JZ-GTE inline-6 24v 3.0L engine, directly transplanted from the Supra.

Crafted by the skilled hands of professional drift racer and automotive artisan Faruk Kugay at DevSpeed Motorsports, this E-Type marks the third installment in a series of automotive masterpieces that fuse Europe’s finest vehicles with Japan’s engineering prowess. Prior projects include an E30 BMW with a F20C Honda 2.0L engine swap in 2021 and a 997.1 Porsche 911 GT3 with a Subaru Impreza STI EJ25 engine from the previous year.

The Jaguar conversion perfectly aligns with the Frankenstein motif of past creations, elevating it with an infusion of contemporary technology to modernize the classic British sports car. In a tribute to its Japanese roots, the Supra’s 2JZ-GTE engine choice is symbolic, as ENEOS has been a steadfast supplier of factory-fill lubricants to a significant portion of Japan’s automotive industry for decades.

To meet the demands of the endeavor, a standard 2JZ wouldn’t suffice. Leveraging his Formula DRIFT expertise, Kugay incorporated several critical components into the mix, including a newly cast factory head with Deatschwerks Injectors, and a comprehensive Nuke Performance fuel system. Internally, the engine received reinforcements with CP-Carillo pistons and rods, all to be expertly lubricated by ENEOS Racing Street 0W-50 oil. The setup paves the way for the Borg Warner EFR 8474 turbocharger and Vibrant Performance Intercooler. With a Link G4 Fury ECU providing the ignition, Kugay anticipates the engine will deliver an impressive 750hp following the final dyno tuning.

Envisioned as a street and track hot rod, Kugay sought counsel from Charlie’s Customs in England. They executed a similar conversion and recommended integrating the E60 BMW rear subframe, suspension, and differential. Although not a straightforward retrofit, this solution addressed numerous conversion challenges and ensures power is effectively transferred to the road via an E36 BMW M3 ZF five-speed manual transmission.

Given the substantial power increase over the original 4.2L straight-six engine, the Jaguar required a more substantial footprint. While the extended wheelbase of the 2+2 variant facilitated the engine transplant, the XKE’s slender flanks wouldn’t accommodate the necessary rubber. Drawing inspiration from the Jaguar factory’s Lightweight racer, fender flares were designed based on a 3D scan conducted by Adam Bao at Illumasthetic. Once the proportions were verified, his team 3D-printed the new fender extensions. These components were then entrusted to the skilled craftsmen at Vinny’s Autobody in Sonoma, CA, where Ken Heilmann applied carbon fiber for added rigidity. The finishing touches, including bodywork prep, were masterfully handled by Matt Thorsson and Jason Mohon before the capable hands of Vinny Thorsson applied the paint.

With this transformation, the vehicle was equipped with 17″ Rotiform STL wheels, crafted in a custom two-piece configuration to attain the desired width and offset, reminiscent of the original E-Type Lightweight wheels. The final touch was the installation of high-performance Bridgestone Potenza RE-71 RS tires, ensuring the Jaguar’s adaptability to both road and track environments.

The construction of this masterpiece was carried out by DevSpeed Motorsports, situated at Sonoma Raceway, with a dedicated team that included Faruk Kugay, Victor Freire, Jose Varguez, Alexander Forsythe, Luke Wright, Sean McLean, Josh Sher, Seth Lewis, and Dustin Volkmuth. John Sharp at Landmark Grafix masterfully applied the striking livery.


DevSpeed / ENEOS 1969 Jaguar E-Type 2+2 2JZ-GTE
 Faruk Kugay, DevSpeed Motorsports, @faruk.kugay 


Toyota 2JZ-GTE inline-6 24-valve DOHC 3.0-liter with new USDM head casting, Deatschwerks Injectors, CP 10:1 pistons, Carrillo connecting rods, King Engine Bearings, Borg Warner EFR 8474 turbocharger, ENEOS Racing Street 0W-50 motor oil, Vibrant Performance Intercooler, Nuke Performance fuel rail, pressure regulator, fuel lines, fittings and Lightcell fuel cell, Driftmotion throttle body, Link G4 Fury ECU, Wiring Specialties wiring harness


E36 BMW M3 ZF five-speed manual transmission with ENEOS ECO ATF Plus low-viscosity fluid, E60 BMW 535i differential with ENEOS Gear Oil LSD 75W-90


Silver’s coilovers, DevSpeed roll-cage, E60 BMW 535i rear subframe assembly, custom front suspension


2003 Corvette front brakes, 2010 BMW 535i rears

Wheels & Tires:

17×8.5” front, 17×10” rear Rotiform STL custom two-piece wheels, 225/45 R17 front and 255/40 R17 Bridgestone Potenza RE-71 RS tires 


custom Illumasthetic 3D-printed widebody, prepared and painted by Vinny’s Autobody 


Tillett seats, OMP steering wheel, Schroth harnesses, OBP pedal box and foot panels 

Thanks / Sponsors:

ENEOS, DevSpeed Motorsports, BorgWarner, Bridgestone Tire, Deatschwerks, Illumasthetic, Landmark Grafix, Nuke Performance, Rotiform, Tillett Seats



Prominently on display at SEMA’s Central Hall, in the coveted spot V049, is a remarkable 2003 Nissan 350Z, the victorious creation of the ENEOS / Pit+Paddock 2023 SEMA Show Car Contest, hosted by ENEOS ambassador Dai Yoshihara. This astonishing vehicle, masterminded by Ashley Robinson, boasts not one but two turbocharged Honda engines and was chosen to represent both brands through a combination of public voting and a discerning judging panel.

Originally procured at an auction for a mere $800, Robinson initially set out to craft this Nissan with drifting in mind. However, what transpired was a project that took on a life of its own. Beginning with a car that had suffered rear-end damage, Robinson embarked on a comprehensive transformation. The damaged section was surgically removed, and in its place, Robinson painstakingly fashioned a roll cage. This cage extended to the rear of the vehicle, meticulously mirroring the contours of the original body.

After two years of tire-shredding action and an unfortunate roll-over incident, Robinson’s dedication to the project remained unwavering. Fuelled by the determination to move forward, he envisioned a groundbreaking concept that involved two engines. The end result is a monstrous amalgamation, housing not one but two turbocharged Honda K24 engines. These powerhouses are strategically positioned in both the front and middle of the vehicle, receiving the vital protection and lubrication provided by ENEOS high-performance engine oil.

Overcoming the considerable technical challenges of installation, turbocharging, and synchronizing these twin engines, Robinson then turned his attention to crafting custom aerodynamic enhancements. He meticulously hand-formed fender flares, leaving the exoskeletal structure exposed at the rear to proudly showcase his remarkable creation.

The ingenuity and innovation behind Robinson’s twin-engined 350Z make it a spectacle worthy of its title as the featured contest-winning vehicle at the 2023 SEMA Show. In this prime position, it will surely captivate the attention of all who pass by.


Twin-engined 2003 Nissan 350Z 

Builder: Ashley Robinson, MLZ Garage, @mlz_garage


two K24 Honda 2.4-liter four-cylinder 16-valve engines with Hondata K-Pro ECUs, K-Tuned water plates with water pump/thermostat delete, throttle bodies and valve covers, BMW electric water pumps controlled via PWM, Nuke Performance surge tank with dual Walbro 450 lph fuel pumps, Color Fittings AN hardware, eight Alpha Injection Clinic 2200cc injectors


two Honda EP3 five-speed transmissions with 4.3:1 final drive ratios, custom length AKD Performance axles 


full tube chassis with Air Lift Performance air bags, Accuair management


Hyundai Genesis Brembo front calipers with 340mm rotors, dual Nissan 350Z rear calipers with 322mm rotors

Wheels & Tires:

19×12” front, 19×14.5” rear Weds LXZ wheels, 305/30 R19 front and 355/30 R19 rear Kumho tires


Hyperhive carbon fiber doors, custom front and rear fenders, Seibon carbon fiber hood


K-Tuned Acura RSX billet shifter modified to accept two shifter cables, Status Racing seats, dual Powertune digital displays


The one-of-a-kind neo-vintage Toyota Land Cruiser 70/80-Series pickup has been masterfully crafted by RPM Off-Road Garage in Monrovia, CA. This remarkable vehicle is a fusion of Japanese truck heritage and off-road prowess, making it a true automotive gem that can conquer the diverse terrains of America. You can catch this exceptional creation on display at SEMA 2023, sharing the spotlight with the extraordinary twin-engine Nissan 350Z.

RPM’s owner, Steve Lam, embarked on this project by acquiring a damaged 1997 Land Cruiser FZJ80 chassis, chosen for its robust solid axles and coil sprung suspension, ideal for off-road adventures. The 2009 HZJ79 pickup body was a unique find, sourced from the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum in Utah, which had a history as leftover parts imported from the Middle East after its transformation into an armored vehicle.

The transformation of this vehicle is not for the faint of heart. RPM performed an 18-inch extension to the FZJ80 frame and ingeniously engineered mounts to seamlessly integrate the HZJ79 body. Remarkably, this body design has remained essentially unchanged since the mid-’80s and is a common sight around the world, though notably absent in the United States. Thus, the RPM pickup stands as a testament to what can be achieved with expert technical knowledge and unwavering determination to create something extraordinary. Steve and the RPM team intend to put this remarkable vehicle to good use on off-road and overland expeditions.

ENEOS proudly partnered with RPM Off-Road Garage in 2020. As a valued member of the ENEOS Garage program, the shop relies on ENEOS performance lubricants for both their in-house projects and customer vehicle servicing.


RPM Off-Road Garage Toyota Land Cruiser 70/80-Series pickup

Builder: Steve Lam, RPM Off-Road Garage, @rpmoffroadgarage


Toyota 1FZ-FE 4.5-liter DOHC 24-valve Inline-6 lubricated with ENEOS 5W-40 motor oil


5.29:1 differential by Sierra Gears/West Coast Differentials, Eaton Performance e-locker front and rear axle differentials, Driveshaft Pro double carbon fiber front driveshaft, custom length rear driveshaft. The transmission is protected by ENEOS ECO ATF Plus low-viscosity oil and Gear Oil LSD 75W-90


FZJ80 chassis with Ironman4x4 Foam Cell Pro shock absorbers, 6” lift springs, caster correction, Panhard bars, RPM Off-Road Garage three-link suspension

Wheels & Tires: 

17×9” -40 HDR forged beadlock wheels, 37×13.50 R17 Toyo Open Country M/T tires


HZJ79 body with ENEOS Motor Oil livery, Dissent Offroad front bumper, Warn Industries recovery winch, paint and wrap by Coachcraft Autobody, Inozetek graphic film, Front Runner Outfitters bed and cab racks, Pelican storage boxes, Ironman4x4 roof top tent, 270-degree awning, shower room, powered water tank, Switch Pro SP9100 lighting control unit, Baja Designs LP9 Pro front spot lamps, S8 roof light bar, S2 side lighting, rock light perimeter lighting, S1 rear chase lighting


Scheel-Mann USA Vario F seats