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For the Dad Who Has Everything: Tanks

Unleash Your Inner Tank Commander at Drive A Tank in Minnesota

Imagine the raw power surging through your veins as you maneuver a genuine military tank through a rugged obstacle course. The engine’s rumble, the feeling of steel beneath your fingertips is an experience unlike any other. At Drive A Tank, located in Kasota, Minnesota, they transform that fantasy into reality, offering an unforgettable adrenaline-pumping adventure.

From Humble Beginnings to a Tanker’s Paradise

Drive A Tank’s story starts with a single 2 ½ ton military cargo truck, affectionately nicknamed the “hot-rod deuce.” This off-road beast sparked a passion for sharing the thrill of piloting an army vehicle. As the desire for such an experience grew, so did Drive A Tank’s arsenal. Today, they boast a fleet of eight authentic military tanks ready to be unleashed by eager adventurers.

The Drive A Tank Experience: A Two-Part Thrill Ride

Prepare for a day unlike any other. The Drive A Tank experience is a two-part adventure that caters to your inner tank commander and historic firearms enthusiast.

Part One: Drive a Tank and Crush a Car (Optional)

  • Gear Up and Learn: Your adventure begins at the Drive A Tank Armory with registration and a safety briefing. In the Troop Training Room, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about armored vehicles, their uses, and their history.
  • Behind the Scenes: Take a fascinating tour of the Motor Pool, where the magic happens – witness the restoration, maintenance, and storage of these impressive machines.
  • Command HQ and Safety First: A classic military transport vehicle takes you to field command HQ for a final safety briefing and driving tips, ensuring you’re fully prepared to conquer the course.
  • Tank Time! Buckle up, soldier! This is where the real fun begins. You’ll get behind the wheel of two different tanks. First, the mighty Abbot tank awaits, challenging you with a wooded obstacle course navigated alongside your instructor.
  • Blindfolded Bravery (Optional): Feeling adventurous? Take the wheel of the FV432 APC on a thrilling course, relying solely on the small vision periscopes to guide your way.
  • Car Crush (Optional): Needing some vehicular demolition? (Subject to booking) Get behind the controls and crush a car under the immense power of a tank, following strict safety guidelines and with expert instruction by your side.
  • Commemorate Your Victory: Capture your tank-driving triumph with a photo op alongside these awe-inspiring machines and any crushed car casualties (optional).

Part Two: Unleash Your Inner Marksman

  • Firearm Fundamentals: Regroup for a firearms safety course at the troop training facility. Learn about historic military firearms – their history, usage, and the heroes who wielded them.
  • Choose Your Weapon: Select the firearms you’d like to test fire in the safe, controlled indoor range. The amount of ammunition varies depending on the chosen firearm but typically includes around thirty rounds for belt-fed weapons.
  • Safety First: Gear up with the appropriate safety equipment before entering the live-fire range. Your instructor will be by your side throughout the experience, ensuring 100% safety.
  • Test Your Skills: Unleash the firepower! In this controlled environment, you’ll get the chance to test-fire your chosen firearms under the watchful eye of your instructor.
  • Extend the Fun (Optional): Feeling the need to extend your marksmanship experience? Purchase additional range time and test fire even more historic firearms (subject to availability).

Drive A Tank: More Than Just an Adventure

Drive A Tank isn’t just about the thrill of piloting a tank or the satisfying crunch of crushing a car. It’s about experiencing a piece of history, learning about the power and technology of these war machines, and appreciating the skills required to operate them. It’s an adventure that caters to history buffs, adrenaline junkies, and anyone seeking an unforgettable experience.

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