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From Gas to Electric: Sosa Metalworks Reimagines the Ryvid Anthem

California-based electric motorcycle manufacturer Ryvid has unveiled a collaboration with renowned metal fabricator Cristian Sosa. Taking the Ryvid Anthem, a street-savvy electric motorcycle, as his canvas, Sosa has crafted a show-stopping reinterpretation that pushes the boundaries of both design and performance.

A Match Made in Electric Heaven

Known for his work on roaring, gasoline-powered machines, Sosa’s foray into the electric world began at the 2023 One Motorcycle Show. There, he encountered the Anthem and its founder, Dong Tran. “The steel frame design really stood out to me,” Cristian recalls. “I’d been interested in building an electric bike, and the Anthem seemed like a perfect fit.”

A Classic Reimagined

Cristian was drawn to the Anthem’s modern aesthetic, a perfect base for his futuristic vision. However, the electric drivetrain presented a unique challenge. Unlike traditional motorcycles built around the engine, the Anthem’s core is the folded steel frame and battery pack. This demanded a focus on sharp, clean lines, a departure from Sosa’s usual curves.

Aluminum Takes Center Stage

While steel reigns supreme in classic motorcycles, Cristian opted for lightweight aluminum for the Sosa Anthem. This not only complemented the modern design but also boosted overall performance. The shaping process was a labor of love, with Cristian meticulously hand-crafting most of the parts before final assembly.

Technology Meets Artistry

The finished product is a testament to the seamless integration of Cristian’s artistry with Ryvid’s technology. The Anthem’s signature adjustable seat is retained, cleverly concealed within the beautifully crafted Sosa seat unit. Similarly, the side panels allow easy access to the removable battery for remote charging, showcasing both form and function.

Riding the Electric Revolution

For Cristian, who always associated motorcycles with the rumble of a gas engine, the Ryvid Anthem offered a surprising revelation. The focus shifted from the motor to the pure joy of riding. The instant torque and lightweight design made the Anthem a blast to ride, a stark contrast to the kickstart rituals of traditional bikes.

A Look Ahead

The success of the Sosa Anthem has Cristian eager for his next electric project. Ryvid’s recently launched Outset, a scrambler-style electric motorcycle, has sparked his imagination. With a collaborative spirit and a passion for innovation, Cristian is poised to push the boundaries of electric motorcycle design even further.

Ready to Experience the Future of Riding?

The Ryvid Anthem and Outset represent a glimpse into the future of urban mobility. Cristian Sosa’s artistic touch makes them a testament to the beauty and potential of electric motorcycles. Visit Ryvid.com to learn more and discover the electric revolution for yourself.

Ryvid Electric Motorcycle DUB Magazine

Anthem: Your Everyday Electric Champion

The Anthem is a streetwise electric motorcycle built for comfort and style. Priced at $6,495, it boasts a top speed of over 75 mph and a range of up to 75 miles on a single charge*. With a choice of six colors and immediate delivery available, the Anthem is ready to hit the road whenever you are.

Outset: Adventure Awaits on Two Wheels

For those seeking an electric thrill, the Outset is the perfect choice. This scrambler-style motorcycle, available in Sector Red or Vapor Grey, starts at just $5,995. Deliveries begin this summer, and with a range of up to 70 miles* and a comfortable 33-inch seat height, the Outset is ready for your next urban escape.

Shared Strength: Built for Performance

Both the Anthem and Outset share a rigid steel frame, a 72V air-cooled brushless DC motor, and a removable 4.3kWh battery with an integrated charger. This combination delivers quick charging from both 110V and 220V outlets, making it easy to keep your Ryvid fueled for any adventure.

Lightweight Handling, Effortless Control

Don’t let their electric nature fool you – the Anthem and Outset are lightweight champions. Weighing in at just 313 and 315 lbs respectively, they offer exceptional handling with a low center of gravity. This translates to effortless maneuvering at low speeds and confident control at high speeds.

Designed for Every Rider

Comfort is key, and Ryvid offers options for all. The Outset’s compliant suspension and narrow seat provide a comfortable ride, while the Anthem’s adjustable seat (31-34 inches) ensures a perfect fit for a wider range of riders. Additionally, a motorcycle license is required to operate both models.

Beyond Performance: The Ryvid Advantage

Ryvid’s electric motorcycles offer more than just exhilarating rides. With the Ryvid Reverse Drive, you can easily maneuver out of tight spaces or navigate slopes with the push of a button. This innovative feature adds another layer of convenience to your electric experience.

Join the Electric Revolution: Order Your Ryvid Today!

Ryvid’s Anthem and Outset are not just motorcycles – they’re statements about the future of transportation. Visit ryvid.com today to learn more, explore the available colors, and order your electric adventure. It’s time to rewrite the ride.

*Range is an estimate and may vary depending on rider weight, speed, temperature, wind, tire pressure, terrain, incline, etc.

Ryvid Electric Motorcycle DUB Magazine
Ryvid Electric Motorcycle DUB Magazine
Ryvid Electric Motorcycle DUB Magazine