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From Humble Beginnings to Modern Muscle: The BMW R20 Concept Revs Up for the Future

The BMW R20 nameplate is making a comeback, but this time around, it’s anything but a lightweight. Back in 1931, the R20 was a humble 192cc motorcycle that benefited from relaxed German regulations for small-displacement bikes. Fast forward to today, and the newly unveiled R20 concept is a muscular machine packing a near-2000cc boxer-twin engine derived from the R18.

While official performance figures haven’t been released, we can expect a significant power boost over the R18’s 91 horsepower and 116 lb-ft of torque. The R20 also adopts a sportier stance with a shorter wheelbase (61 inches compared to the R18’s 68.2 inches) and a steeper rake angle (27.5 degrees), bringing it closer to the handling characteristics of the RT12 nineT.

Top-shelf suspension components come courtesy of Öhlins Blackline, with fully adjustable forks and a rear monoshock. Braking power is provided by ISR radial calipers at both ends. Despite its concept status, the R20 looks production-ready, and rumors suggest it could hit dealerships as early as next riding season.

This massive leap from its tax-exempt ancestor showcases BMW’s commitment to innovation and performance. The R20 concept is a thrilling glimpse into the future of powerful, agile BMW motorcycles.