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Some of the top exotic vehicles in recent memory have a sported the Gulf Oil livery (theme). The popularity is alive as it’s a hat-tip to days of racing past. It’s kind of like wearing a throwback Michael Jordan jersey in Chicago. Gulf Oil’s involvement with racing and the signature baby blue and orange hue started gaining momentum in the late 1960s as all types of racing teams from Ford to Porsche had a vehicle rocking their colors.
These days, exotic car owners have been paying a premium for their vehicles to adorn the Gulf treatment. Whether it’s from the factory (rumor is, Porsche painted a 918 Spyder in this colorway for a customer) to the new Ford GT Heritage Edition. Ford re-created this edition reminiscent of their GT40 cars of 1968 and 1969. When it comes to Lambos featuring the Gulf treatment, those examples are bit more rare, though.
This particular Aventador is considerably unique as not only does it sport the Gulf livery, but it also features a Liberty Walk appearance package with the signature wide, riveted fenders and aggressive wing. Although this pairing could make a purist cringe, the combo can’t be denied. Rounding off the Lambo is a set of Forgiato Dieci-ECL wheels in an understand gloss black finish.