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Hall of Honor and the Diecast Super Convention Honors Herman Flores

Congrats to Herman Flores on such a prestigious award! This past weekend the mover and shaker were inducted into the Hall Of Honor, the brainchild of many influential people in the hobby industry. Each year the committee puts many hours of effort into creating a public ballot of nominees worthy of the hand-cut custom ring produced by Jostens and the coinciding dinner and awards ceremony, which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, hosted by Mad Mike from MTV’s Pimp My Ride! Past inductees have included NBA Heavyhitter Shaquille Oneil, X-Games Superstar Aaron Wheelz Fotheringham, Fast and Furious Actor Chad Lindberg and Pro Cyclist Damon Dayton. Herman Flores is one of the founding members of DUB Magazine and has been a part of numerous high-profile campaigns and more with his marketing agency. Follow him on Instagram at @hermanflores!