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Stock engine with custom candy apple red painted filter box, fuse box and engine cover

Lexani 30” all chrome LSS-55

Lexani 255-30-30

2” inch Rough Country leveling kit on front suspension

Custom House Of Kolor Candy Apple Red, Gold and Silver leafing, red and purple pinstripes, Patters, Red Metal Flake and House Of Kolor Clear

Crocodile and ostrich custom seats with 4 tv headrest, 8- 6 1/2 power acoustic speakers, 2 sundown Audio subs, with sondio mask 1,500 watt amp

Fiberglass door panels with two 11 inch TV screens, fiberglass backseat covers with two 7 inch tv screens, custom painted dashboard, and fiberglass tv in glove box, 32” inch tv in bed set up, tilt hood