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HOTO Tools Cordless Car Washer Gun

Make washing your car a breeze with Hoto’s game-changing cordless, portable washer – your perfect companion for those smaller tasks that don’t need a heavy-duty pressure washer! Say goodbye to the hassle of gas-guzzlers when all you need is precision and efficiency.

This powerhouse features a 14mm double-plunger pump, reaching an impressive 2.0 MPa pressure in Self-Suction Mode, unleashing a mighty spray of 300L of water per hour. Ideal for cleaning cars, patios, and windows with ease! Tailor your cleaning experience with five spray modes, including a Foam/Shower mode that teams up with the built-in 250mL translucent PET soap bottle to create luxurious suds.

But that’s not all – the IPX6 water-resistant battery lasts a whopping 45 minutes, ensuring you have ample time to tackle your tasks. Need a recharge? No problem! The removable battery makes USB charging a breeze. Plus, the 6m PVC water hose comes equipped with a self-priming filter, allowing you to draw water directly from a bucket for maximum portability. Upgrade your cleaning game with Hoto’s portable washer – efficiency meets convenience!

$179 at Hototools.com