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YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/4qEUQZWCP9k
INSTAGRAM: @sychotik1

Motor fully painted and engraved

20 inch Verde painted to match car swirl airbrushed painted job

Bagged 10 switches 2 five gallon chrome tanks xd3000 air compressor fully chromed and candy painted undercarriage with engraving the silver leafing

2 tone swirled candied paint job with over a year of free hand airbrushing that explains the history of the owners life through the jams and everywhere. Candy red bottom on driver side candy black bottom on passenger that is why the wheels are two different colors. Black widow body kit everything is fully shaved

Fully fiberglass and plexiglass interior with a lot of engraving. Everything lights up to include the headliner and there is 4 12 JLs

There is really to much to list.. Have fun and enjoy finding new things everything you see her. The car name is THE MAIN EVENT